conquer cancer ride

anyone sign up for this ride all over canada i really wanted to sign up but the single rider reg is closed and crew is still open. does anyone in ontario want to enter the one in toronto to niagra falls with me? pm if interested

EDIT: i dont even know if unicycles are allowed… lol ill ask later on i gotta go to a friendshouse.

With these things, sometimes it works better to just register and show up. After completing the ride and raising a bunch of money for the charity, then ask what they think of unicycles taking part, and they almost always seem to be in favor. If not, it just means you don’t get to do it next year.

If you really want to ask, it’s better to do it anonymously in case you plan to do the ride anyway. If they know it’s you that asked the quesion, you might have trouble registering. If they don’t know who asked the question, and don’t mention it in any of their web sites or paperwork, you’re not breaking any rules.

me and a bunch of people were planning on doing it. Not anymore since its $2500 per person…

Ouch! For that price, hopefully you don’t also have to collect donations! I guess you collect donations to cover the price…

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: 2500!!! holy f*ck i thought this was a freaking fun ride to make some charity cash wow nvm about

Some of us from Toronto were considering entering the event, but as Justin pointed out the $2500 required minimum fundraising amount was a big deterrent.

I’m all for charity fundraising events and the Ride to Conquer Cancer looks like a great ride, but I’ve never seen such a high fundraising requirement.

I have entered into the Paris to Ancaster Race ( which has a dedicated unicycle category.

were thinking about making our own here in Canada because we had so many guys wanting to do it. So if it happens im sure youre all invited!

For the last months I’m thinking about doing that ride too… but like others said before, 2500$ is a lot of donations to collect.
The one in Quebec goes from Montreal to Quebec City : that’s more or less than 300km in two days. The ride sure look beautiful and challenging!
I’ll see if I could collect enough money from contacts in privates companies before registering. Then I will have to start annoying everyone around me about donating to a noble cause so I can do that cool ride on my uni… :roll_eyes:

well if anyone knows of any races coming up this summer around ontario or near it just post it up or pm me ill be glad to roll with you guys.i wanted to go to Niagara falls:( never been there

yeah lets plan it j man. who is in? we can raise money and a get some people to drive our stuff… really easy to do!


Ride to Conquer Cancer - Minimum

I wanted to do it as until I saw the $2500 minimum.

Yeah lets plan our own, Toronto to Niagara trip with camping/hotel, or a shorter 1 day trip would be fun too. The waterfront bike path in between Toronto-Hamilton sounds really nice

Is anyone really up for that this summer?, it would rock, I would help put it together. We might be able to get a bunch of people in.


Ben im in for sure talk to the Toronto unicyclist club about it i live about 1-2hours away from Toronto depending on traffic and ill come for sure. make it around summer vacation timing get alot of youth show ups probably. leave a pm.
EDIT: we might need a reason or charity involved in the race too.

Count me in. I’m up for a Toronto to Niagara and back 2 day ride this summer.

I don’t really see the need to make it a formal race or get a charity involved. Just a short group tour for all those interested.

A little bit of planning into the route, accommodation and a support vehicle are necessary. I’d be interested in seeing what route the Ride to Conquer Cancer takes, but the course description off the website isn’t very detailed (

Here is the list of Ontario distance events that I’ve gathered so far. I am planning to participate in many of these …

April 18: Paris to Ancaster Bike Race (60km)
June 7: Ride for Heart Toronto (25, 50 or 75km)
June 13-14: The Ride to Conquer Cancer (2 x 100km)
Aug 15-16: MS Bike Tour - Brampton to Waterloo (2 x 95km)
Sept ??: Tour de Greenbelt - Newmarket to Keswick (60km)
Sept ??: The Healing Cycle (100km) Great event, great cause. I did this one last year and it’s an very well organized event.
Sept 27: Share the Road for Greg - Halton Hills (50 or 100km)

If anyone knows of other events in Ontario that would be good for distance riding please share.


great stuff there carl :] ill probaly be join tour de green belt for sure because i klive like 10km from keswick and ill join some other ones if anyone want me in with them

Yes this is good.

Tour De Greenbelt was awesome last year, the organizers loved having a unicyclist there and offered to let me into the Burlington ride free the weekend following. The ride itself was great fun, really good food, and free mini bike lights from MEC. I will be back for sure.

Toronto-Niagara ride this summer. I’m in for sure. Here’s some key points/questions:

  1. Agree with Carl, no charity association will be possible, this is for fun. To do and organize that is way to complicated. I have enough trouble fund raising for myself. If you would like to support charities that’s great, but do it independently.

  2. Anyone under 18 will have to be accompanied by adults/guardian. Sorry just gotta establish that.

  3. And Back? Could we do that in 2 days? riding back would be fun, but if so shouldn’t we stay overnight in Niagara?. Would Toronto to Niagara and drive back with overnight in Hamilton be better for everyone?

  4. This will need a support driver/vehicle for our stuff or emergencies etc. I cannot offer much help in this department.

just thought we may need one…

:frowning: im 15 and i dont know if my mom would come. Why is the reason for this rule?

yeah jsut stay at some little cheap motel or whatever

i think id like a cause too. The whole reason a few people over here were doing this is because cancer had effected some of our family members in the past. So, maybe we’ll do one out here for a charity then…west coast ride!

  1. The reason I was asking for adult supervision is for liability and responsibility. If everything goes fine there is no problem. If something goes wrong like someone getting injured, lost, robbed, or whatever, then your parents could hold us legally responsible for you.

Also I’m sure your a mature, smart and a cool to be with 15 year old unicyclist, but you might not be I don’t know you or your friends yet. And if at the hotel you guys decide to go burn down a house, get drunk, or kill some hookers, we don’t want to have to babysit that stuff if you listen to us or not.

Please don’t be offended or feel excluded by what I just said, If your parents are fine with you coming independently then yes you can come solo, but please realize what can happen and take it seriously.

  1. The hotel can be a cheap motel perfect, I just don’t understand if we want to stay in Niagara or Hamilton. I am also curious if we are riding the uni’s back to Toronto within the 2 day trip. this is what we need to work out, along with route and support vehicles. (please discuss these issues)

  2. I personally have lost multiple loved ones to Cancer I’m sure everyone has, I think the ride to conquer cancer would be great on many levels, and I hope to possibly take it on in years to come, but I do not have the stability fund raise this summer in that volume. I encourage it if someone wants to set it up and do a charity unicycle ride, but thats more work that I can’t do yet. Sorry to be the downer.

4.This trip deserves it’s own thread, I think I’ll start it once we can establish basic details.