Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts Unicycle Day

Ok unfortunately I cannot post in the news and announcements section so I am post here. Danielson Adventure Sports (DAS) will be having a unicycle day on February, 16 2008. We will me at the Shop at 11:00 and go out and basically hit all the spots we can and end at around 5ish. There is a McDonalds about a mile from the shop if you want to pick up lunch. This is mainly a street/flat/trials event but all riders are welcome. Please bring helmets! If you need directions to the shop the address is: 21 Furnace St. Danielson, CT, their website is: and their myspace is: It should be fun so hopefully we can get a lot of people to come.

Any questions post them in this thread. Also if someone could move this thread I would appreciate it in the news and announcements section.


if the weather is bad there will be a new date set, probably the following week.

Cool. I will be there. I will not be eating McDeadlys tho.


Are we going to be riding from spot to spot, or driving? What kinda spots should I expect to be ridding?

riding…a few 2 sets. A four set. Maybe a six. Couple manny pads. Nice little 1 foot curb…a couple small handrails and a few HUBBAS. Possibly a playground:p

I’m planning on being there.


Aw man, my girlfriend lives in Danielson, CT, and I’ll be there visiting her just a couple weeks after this event goes down, during spring break. Oh well…

Can’t say I have much experience riding street/trials , but lemme know if you guys throw anything else together over spring break.

Are any of you guys from Danielson? maybe you know her…

the shop is in danielson and i live two towns over in canturbury. I may know her anyways. I know alot of ppl in danielson.


I didn’t see any reference to Unicycle Day on the Danielson Adventure Sports web site. Are they actually hosting the event? Or is it an informal get-together that happens to be meeting there?

Does DAS sell any unicycles or uni stuff? Worth making a pilgramage?

Regarding the bad weather postpone possibilities: How cold does it have to be before the event is scrubbed?

it is informal. they might put something up but…its just basically a word of mouth thing

their a registerd UDC dealer…however they dont stock many parts.

edit: I forgott to put that if you wanna buy something…just call an order (preferably 2 weeks ahead of time, i orderd my stuff an it came within a week but you never know) it then pick it up when you’re up there for the ride!

its not about the cold. Well prolly go in whatever temperature. Its snow, if it snows or rains that day or the night before then it prolly wont happen…itll be febuary and it shouldnt be below 25 degrees…hopefully it will be around 40 or so…

sounds like it will be a fun event.

I’ll show up with two of my kids (ages 10 & 12). If you see a gray-bearded old fart with two budding hot shots (all on Onzas) - that will be us!

sweeeeet…ima try an get a younger kid i know to come…around 10…should be fun…im levi btw…when you(if) you call the shop ask for Donnie (donald)…good guy…look forward 2 seeing you there:)

Je ne parle pas Francais.

Hey, cool, have a great time! I used to work there when it was the Ordinary Bike Shop. It looks like they’ve done a nice job reworking that most unusual building.

holy moly are you AL Sheifer? if you are i went to your old church before you moved

And did you ride with a Coast Guard cadet by the name of Dave Wohlers who graduated in 2003? I thought I once saw a thread that mentioned you two riding together. Have you talked to him recently by any chance? last I rode with him was in 04 i believe.

We did do the Pumpkin race together (ahem, well he was twice as fast as I was, or perhaps half as slow), and I helped him choose a MUni, but I haven’t seen or heard from him since. I think he was a sophomore then? maybe a junior.