Congratus UDC!

Im not sure if the owners know it, but the got recognition in front of about 40,000 scouts! In the pamphlet for the show, the back said clearly “Unicycle Provided By:

I did not get to see the unicyclist due to a power outage that was caused when the 4 leaders hit the power line. I am told that it was only in some shows, but each pamphlet did indeed recognize UDC.

Also while at the Jamboree I met a member here, Master Tote Bag or spelled some different way. He was able to bring his Sun to Jamboree and road it around, I got a try :slight_smile:


UDC has ads in the back of boys life, too. or at least they did at one point.

Yep, they did for a while, but a while ago. Havent seen 'em lately. But whats dumb is they advertised the cheapest, crummiest, most circus-y unicycles possible. I almost sent a letter to ‘hitchin’rack’ once about it, but never got around to it.

Sombody should tell pedro to do an extreme or mountain unicycling story or somthing.