Congratulations jsm

I haven’t seen mention of it yet:

Yesterday, jsm tested and PASSED all the levels from one through seven.

Way to go, you are one good rider. Hope to see more of your riding.


Wow, Nice job man!

totaly rad :smiley:



ARG where do you get tested, I passed all those levels strictly following the rule book, but dont know how to get it official. And grads man!

spiffy!! good for you!

Amazing! Nice riding!

Great…8,9,10 anytime soon?

Thanks all. It was a lot of fun having Irene Genelin (a level 10 rider!) test me. It was, however, rather hectic trying to do the figure 8’s and backward skills in a crowded gym, with people zipping around and nearly crashing into me all the time. I only fell three times through the whole testing; once on level four, and twice on level six. Each time it was on a skill that I was completely comfortable with, while I got all the ones I was slightly uncomfortable with on the first try! My hard practice on levels six and seven over the past month has really paid off.

I hope to pass level ten eventually. I have done all but four skills on levels 8-10 at least once correctly with transitions, although I’m still woefully inconsistent on a lot of the 9 and 10 skills. I can, however, ride level eight correctly, except for the backward spin and pirouette which I can’t do yet. I also need to learn the evil backward pirouette and side ride. I got some good pointers on side ride yesterday, so I think I may get it soon, but the transitions will take ages to learn. One thing I discovered yesterday is that if I’m ever going to learn the pirouettes, I need to get access to a gym somehow. While I didn’t actually do a proper pirouette (3 revs) yesterday it seemed pretty easy to go 1-2 revolutions, so I’m pretty sure I could get the full three revs in a couple of weeks if I had a good surface to practice on. It’s nearly impossible on rough cement.

One thing I’m wondering; has anyone else passed level seven on a 24" unicycle?

lol when i read the title of this thread i thought it said something else, have u seen american pie 3? hehehe

neways congrats man

nice job! i think i just saw you doing the frontspins and backspins of level 6 when i was in the gym and then the standup wheelwalking outside by the obstacle course

impressive stuff, well done

i don’t know
here’s a thread i thought might touch on the subject…

Sorry, what I meant is has anyone else tested through level seven on a 24" wheel unicycle? I’m sure, of course, that there’s lots of riders who could do it, I’m just wondering how many used a 24" for the actual testing.