Congratulations, Jamey Mossengren!

This item was already mentioned in a thread in the JC forum, but it deserves an RSU thread to itself: Jamey Mossengren (unicycle6869) from the Twin Cities Unicycle Club just recently became the ninth person ever to pass level 10. For those of you not familiar with the skill levels, that means he has done all the skills demonstrated here, doing all the skills in each level with three or less errors, and a maximum of one error per skill.

That’s very impressive. My heartiest congratulations,
Jonathan Miersma (level 7 and practicing)

is actually necesasary to actualy pass these levels?

Nice job Jamey, you’re AMAZING!!

oh come on, UNICYCLING isn’t actually necessary. but we do it, because it’s what we do, and that’s it.

That is truly amazing! I cannot (yet) imagine being able to do all those skills. I would really like to one day pass level 10, but that is still a long long way off…
Awsome job, in another 1000 hours or so of practice, I will be closer to level 10 than I am now…I hope.

Not at all.

The levels serve several purposes, some of which are:

-to give people an idea of what skills to learn next
-to give goal oriented people something to work towards. -to provide a fairly objective standard that can be used to compare rider ability if required

Plenty of excellent freestyle unicyclists have never bothered to sit any of the unicycle levels, just like plenty of excellent musicians have never bothered sitting music exams to pass music grades.

The skills are listed roughly in order of increasing difficulty although obviously what different people find hard varies enourmously.

Congratulations… nice job, i know hoe mouch time you have pratice to get to level 10…

are you working on level 11??:smiley:

That’s insane. I get all googley-eyed just looking at the higher skill levels.

Do you have to perform every single skill with only three errors, or do every level with only three errors per level?

Three errors per level. Note also that if you screw up a skill the first time you have to get it right the second time. (Your three errors are three second chances on three different skills).

To pass a level essentially requires you to have pretty much mastered every skill so that you can do it right consistantly (eg at least 9 times out of 10).

Ahh, okay. The way the OP is worded made me think it was only three errors throughout the whole thing.

Congratulations, dude :slight_smile:

Way to go, Jamey! That’s quite an accomplishment.

Congrats, Jamey. Did you perform the test on a puny 20" freestyle or the majestic 12-footer? The 12-footer would make wheel walking more of a challenge but I’m sure you’re up to it. :slight_smile:

Way to go!

Re: Congratulations, Jamey Mossengren!

Congratulations Jamey!

That’s an excellent reference on what all the skills in the levels look like. But it’s missing the rules, such as how many mistakes per level. Those can be found on the IUF and USA Web sites, respectively. Or in the rulebooks, linked below.

Yes, is. I have decided to wait until I’m a lot older though, or until a different set of levels comes along…

For those of you who don’t know what Jamey looks like, his 12-footer is only a few feet taller than his “puny” 20". For normal-sized people, riding Jamey’s 20" is like riding a 20" wheel with a flagpole attached. The seat will be somewhere up around mouth-level.



Thanks everyone for the congrats! I am happy and it feels really good to see I was able to do it after working so hard at it. Only took me 14 years or so (since I started unicycling)! The last month or two I kept getting really frustrated cause every time I practiced/tested I had a hard time getting consistent with sideride, sideways ww, and coasting. Those were my hard tricks that I just couldn’t do very well. But I finally did and I can personally say that anyone out there can do it if they really want to and work hard towards it. So good luck to all you guys out there who are working for level 10! The next person will be the 10th person ever to pass level 10!! Currently I’m the oldest person to pass at 25 years old and am the oldest level 10! Not the best thing to say but kinda cool I guess?!

and he also passed level 11 the other night…
; )

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Fun depiction, John!

Yes, congrats to you both!

Was Level 11 a reward for his passing Level 10? I’m guessing it was just a fun thing for two experts (in love) to work on before the big convention this summer. Can’t wait to see the video.

lol, no video, so it’s unofficial, sorry…
but go ahead and try it yourself ; )
anyone else?

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I actually just measured my 20" and it measured just one inch short of 4 feet so I should call it my 4 footer instead of my 20"! And my KH Muni measures 4’3"! Both of these are measured to the highest part on the seat. So yes, I do have a very tall uni and legs and have yet to see anyone with a higher seat than mine (although a couple have came within an inch or two).

Nice Job Jamey!

what are the 10 mounts you did?

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There was one guy from New York I believe that we met in Seattle in 2002. He was quite tall and had an enormously tall seat post. I think his name was Bill and he was some sort of doctor. I remember he had a pretty funny problem with his sunscreen that year. Do you remember him?