Congrats to the people in On One Wheel!

I just wanted to say congrats to Ken Looi, John Foss, Jess Riegel, Gilby, of course the Panther Pride Team (go Panthers!), and finally Irene “Totalawesomeness” Genelin for being in the new On One Wheel issue! Sorry if I missed anybody who posts on here, but these were all the people I recognized after skimming through it for 5 seconds. :stuck_out_tongue: So, when can I get to be in the zine? What do I have to do? Anyway, here are some scans of the pictures for ya:


The eternal greatness of Gilby Gilbertson:


Jess, you continue to be the #1 coolest person alive:


The amazing Panther Pride Demo Team:


Miss Totally Awesome Irene Genelin:


Re: Congrats to the people in On One Wheel!

does it ever take longer than that?

sorry, low blow.

lol, no I’m going to read the whole thing, I just wanted to post the pics before anybody else decided to… :wink:

Wo, a new issue… Its been a while, I think my membership ran out a while back, but I’ll see if i can take a look at someone elses sometime.


Re: Congrats to the people in On One Wheel!

Only you, Tyler, would make a post based on the pictures, without (before?) reading any of the content. Yours was a list of people in the pictures, not writers.

First the USA would have to get over your blatant copyright violation. Second, we would hope that you would READ IT FIRST, and find the answers right in there.

Please stop posting copyrighted material that does not belong to you, especially mine. You brag about how smart you’re supposed to be, then this?

In more seriousness, the USA would love to have you, and anyone else with the interest) as a contributor. We never have enough people sending in stories/content. We look forward to receiving something from you.

Yes, it has been quite a long while. As always, we are planning to correct this, but as the editorship changes hands, it becomes a new challenge for different persons who each have to learn the amount of work involved. I am actively working to help create a bigger team to help put this thing out regularly. Anyone reading this is welcome to get involved!

Meanwhile, I’d like everyone reading here to understand that a membership/subscription to the USA does not expire until you have received four issues of On One Wheel, no matter how long that takes! :slight_smile: