Congrats Alps Uni Tourers

I wanted to welcome back the AUT riders and thank them for the opportunity to follow along on their journey by way of the daily updates. Congratulations on a great accomplishment. I really learned some things from the updates, and now would really like to travel there someday and also am motivated to increase my distance and climbing goals.

I think a well documented trip of that magnitude does a lot to earn respect for the sport and bring in new participants. I have passed the link along to many people in the last few weeks and they are always amazed.

Anyone who didn’t follow the updates I would recommend checking them out:

It looks like you just missed all the major flooding going on there.


Thanks Scott. We had an amazing time. Those vertical mile climb days were awesome. My personal favorite day was Day 9 due to the perfect weather and awesome climb of the Grosse Scheidegg pass. Although we had sleet on one pass and rain several other times, we were lucky with the weather - just missing the major flooding as you mentioned.

Although there were a number of equipment issues, I have to tell you that the seats and handles you provided worked perfectly. Bronson and I used the new handles every day and loved them. Seat comfort is very personal, and even though I wasn’t without soreness completely, it was pretty good. The only problems were on a couple of long flat sections. Climbing mountain passes is SO much better than riding along flat rivers.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in the guestbook - we read it at almost every breakfast and dinner.


What flooding :thinking:

Your deathgrips were the envy of the group Scott- I reckon those lucky Californian riders had the best handle set-up for climbing and descending.

My favourite day was the climb up Furka pass and Grimsel pass- it was so scenic it almost seemed too short. And the best downhill by far was down Oberalpass- it just kept going and going and going~!

Thanks to all the hard effort put in by Andy for organising the tour, Dana and Connie for being an awesome support crew and all the riders and bike support- I had a really awesome time! And Darren for the cool T-shirts and assorted spares.


Switzerland and a number of other central European countries have been hit hard in the last few days. Deaths, evacuations and a huge amount of damage. Maybe that rain we had on the way to the airport the morning of Aug 21 was the edge of it in Geneva? Anyway, here’s an article from CNN and here’s one from Yahoo


Thanks for the comments on the components, guys. I will be talking to you for more specific feedback. It was a great way for me to get over 2000 miles of product testing in a short time. I was sweating it a little with you guys running some untested designs, but I am glad it worked out.

The Day 8 photos were the most impressive to me. The glacier and the “amazing valley” were …amazing!

And as for the Guestbook, I discovered it the day you came back. :roll_eyes:


Apparently the flooding was pretty bad. My dad was caught there on an business trip in which the last couple days were vacation. He was staying right in the alps. The flooding went up to the second story and he had to be evacuated on a front end loader to get to higher ground. Then eventually he had to get heli-lifted out.

Sounds like it could have been quite a different adventure if you guys would have stayed two more days :D.

I second that congratulation, it looked like an awesome trip!

Thanks for those updates, they were quite awe-inspiring!

I SO want a coker now!!!