Confused on trick

I don’t know what its called, so I can’t search it. It’s the trick when you drop the seat in front of you but somehow it doesn’t fall all the way because you guys are doing something with your feet. And then you pop it back up. Your doing all this while in a stand still. If any can write me a tutorial or direct me to someone who already has, that would be great. Thanks.

It’s called a seatdrop. You stand on the cranks with the seat out, and the front of your front foot wedged into the spokes.

Let the seat drop down forwards until it stops at your foot.

Stand for as long as you can in a stand still.

Flick the seat back up to your hands, or bend down and pick it up, then ride away.

I’m sure if you search for seatdrop then you’ll find much more useful information :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s an old video of mine doing a lot of variations of seat drops.

You need to stand on the cranks with your forward foot kinda tilted inward towards the wheel. Then you let the seat fall and your foot will catch it. Then pick it up or once you learn how, flick it back up with your foot

Hope this helps

I dont think thats a good idea. You just have to creat a little pressure of the frame with your front foot. No sticking it into the spoke required.

I think I got the point across. Your foot needs to be angled enough so the frame will not fall past it -there!

cool trick