Confessions of a Trials newby

…I like it. I like it alot. (6.77MB) (2.14MB) (3MB)

Wow, cool! Seeing those has made me want to go out and jump around a bit, but it’s 11pm, it’s raining and I have to get up dead early tomorrow… :frowning:

Phil, just me

Well, in that case don’t bother.

I’ve watched the first one and I’m now starting to download the third one…nice work! You make those grabs look so easy. I don’t think I can jump high enough to make it from the grab to the top. How much easier is it to practice grabs on something that has a vertical flat bit (eg. the thing in the video) as opposed to just a horizontal bit that you get onto (eg. a bench)?

Nice work!
Andrew Carter

One more thing…

Does doing grabs and so on do any damage to the bearing holders, frame and cranks? This is assuming that you don’t always land perfectly onto the pedals only. As fun as grabs seem to be and as vital as they are to trials, I don’t know that I’l be able to scratch up my future Profile cranks and the custom made frame with the beautiful orange paint job. Has anyone else had this problem? Maybe it’s just ‘new unicycle syndrome’.


I don’t think it makes that much difference in whether the object you’re jumping onto has a “side” or not. There’s enough gap between the bottom of the wheel and any wall that you would have to be falling off anyway before it touched. I’d imagine this is even more true for profile cranks because they tend to stick out sideways more. Of course, I could be wrong… :slight_smile:

As for damage to cranks… on my trials uni the bottom of the left crank (the side I jump with) is a lot more scratched than the right, but it’s still mostly the colour it started off as. Most of my recent grabs I’ve tried to avoid the crank all together, mainly because it damages the object you’re jumping onto less if you just land on the pedal.

I’ve landed on the bearing holders a couple of times; it doesn’t seem to have objected too much, it seems to work just as well.

Phil, just me

I fint it easier to jump to rubber with the crank on the object rather than just the pedal. It gives more stability.

That looks like about a 3 foot drop…Suzue hub and no name steel cranks.

I land on the crank, the pedal, the bearing holders, the bolts holding them in, I don’t really have any finesse. Everything seems to be staying intact. (I have landed on the object hundreds more times than going actually catching rubber.

I’ve seen some scratched up profile cranks from doing pedal grabs. Not only are they still fully functional, it really adds character to them. It actually looks better scratched up (it’s only one side of the crank, afterall

I t depends what your cranking on to.
If you crank onto a bench or wood then there is minimal damage, the only time you really batter your cranks is if you crank onto concrete ledges

I only grab onto places set aside for skaters…like skate parks, or already beat up low walls, etc…

I feel that grabbing onto say, a bus stop bench, or anything wood made for public use would gerenate unneccessary negativity, when there are so many other great places to grab onto.