Confession of a unicyclist

It’s raining. I’m riding my unicycle around the house. My wife would kill me, don’t tell her.

hahaa, we all do it.

I’ve been pretty good in the past, I blame the rainy days.

My wife gets really pissy when she finds tire marks on the floors and sometimes a rub mark on the wall.

keep your pimp hand strong.


it has been snowing here so I get yelled daily by my mom for unicycling in the house. I even broke into my school one night to have a place to ride. :sunglasses:

My folks have a new treadmill in their garage.
I rode on it when it was raining last week.
I cleaned the tyre mark off with a mop.
Don’t tell anyone.

It’s harder than it looks btw.

its way fun though…haha m parents let me do it.!!! its awsome.

LOL; that’s sigworthy!

I know a mall with this walking belts / flat escalator in the parking, I also did those walking belts on the airport when I worked there (but those are horizontal).

Be careful. I did that, had a UPD, and put a pedal through the wall.


and when your done, do a burnout/tire mark on yesterdays clothing and ride real quick outside. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, Sometimes when its dark out, i uni in my sisters room while she’s at colledge.

i uni in my basement, even though my dad gets mad at me for doin it.

I always practise stillstand, sidehops and 180 unispins in my slippers and bathrobe.

When I go to the kitchen, I see my uni lying there and I just can’t let it be.

i ride my pedals with sharp pins barefoot in only my underwear.

Re: Confession of a unicyclist

On 26/01/2008 00:41, leo wrote:
> sutton629 wrote:
>>I even broke into my school one night to have a place to ride. :sunglasses:
> LOL; that’s sigworthy!

Erm, the word I’d use is “shameful”.

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Just ride in the snow… Muni/trials tires have knoby tires, and believe it or not, but skinny tires work really well too… they slice right through snowbanks :slight_smile: