Computer ? on a 28'er or Coker


I found my 20 year old CATEYE Micro Computer and all parts.

It’s a model CC- 6000. It comes with the wheel sensor and pedal sensor.

How many of you really use the pedal sensor with a micro computer for tracking Cadence?

I would rather just use the wheel sensor only, but that leaves me with the cable and sensor that I have to put somewhere. I hate to cut it off. I won’t be able to see the cadence count anyway as I plan to put the computer under the seat attached to the brake lever support.

Also, if you use the pedal sensor, do you have any tricks for mounting the pedal magnet to the pedal? The foam tape on my magnet looks weak.


I will give this a go, one more time, looking any responses.


Mounting the magnet is really quite easy. Go to your local auto parts store and purchase a tube of silicone gasket sealer. Simply “glue” the magnet in place with the silicone. You can adjust the position of the magnet by increasing the amount of silicone. It will hold up really well and yet, when you tire of it and are ready to remove the magnet, you can carefully peel off the silicone from the crank arm, without leaving any residue