Computer for Nimbus Impulse?

What are the choices? What are you using? How easy is the setup? Price?

My wife got me a wireless Bontrager, it was $60, works fine, mounts easy, need to pay attention to the “indicators” on the receover so that the spoke mounted sender is aligned well. I like this unit because it has the time and the temp, trip and ODO. I have used if for a month, plenty of UPD hits and it’s working fine; sometimes the buttons are fiddly.

Here’s the one I got:

I mounted mine on the frame, at the transition from the bigger diameter tubing to the smaller, ended up using zip ties to keep it secure.

I have been putting this type of computer on my unicycles:

It is cheap, rugged and reliable. In the past I have used wireless and do not find them helpful. There very limited transmitter range makes them a bit finicky to position, and it gives me two batteries to replace. I put a small cable tie around it to keep it from bouncing off in a UPD. (I lost a nicer one on the first ride when it popped off.)

Almost anything will work. I believe the number I use for wheel diameter is about 277 or 278 cm. That correlates well with a GPS distance measurement.


More on the pricey side, I love my Garmin 305. Works with any size wheel, any type of vehicle, or just running. :slight_smile:

Or on the even pricier side, I’ve just got myself a 910XT - at least part of the motivation was to be able to measure speed and distance on my uni (though I also run, kayak and XC ski).

On the cheaper side you could get a $15 wired cycle computer. Speed, avg speed, max speed, trip dist, total dist, clock.
Just wrap the wire around the frame and/or handle bars and zip tie in a few places.
I have one on my muni. I can’t see it unless I dismount, but that’s ok. I just like it for noting my stats occasionally during a ride, and for the clock.


I used to use a Bell wired cyclecomputer. It worked fine but I couldn’t keep it on my unicycle. Kept on bouncing and breaking off. Now I use the cardio app. (mtn bike selection) on the smart phone. It tracks my rides, downloads them to a website, gives me speed and even a graph of my speed, and does everything I need it to do.

Where do you put your smartphone whilst riding?

I don’t own a smartphone. But I put my crappy cell phone and gps logger in my CamelBak.

During rides sometimes the phone goes in my front pocket. Other times its in my hand so I can look at the miles, route, etc. The rest of the time its on my ear so I can talk on the phone. Just a question, is talking on the cell phone while riding illegal in CA

I have a nice GPS I would condier using except the darn thing cost over $700 and I would hate to crash and damage it.

I have a Cateye Strada wireless cycle computer and it’s only got one button which is on the back so it presses when you press the front of the computer - really easy to press - and I haven’t had any issues so far.

I’m a little wary as to whether I’ll notice or not when the battery in the sensor goes flat and lose a load of miles but the benefits of a wireless one outweigh that drawback.

They’re not really expensive either.



I’ve used various Cateye and other computers on various cycles, and have never had any issues with them.

In addition to the computer, I’ve started using MapMyRide on my smartphone. Absolutely amazing, and totally free (if you have a smartphone with GPS). Same stuff as the cycle computer, plus mapping and approximate elevations, and it can publish live feeds of your progress to Facebook and save records of your rides if you want. I can also set it to give me periodic voice updates, so no need to look at the computer for distance etc. Highly recommended!

36’ Wheel

Can anyone recommend a computer known to work with a 36" wheel. I assume most don’t accomodate a wheelsize this large.

The cheaper the better!

I’d say that most do work, actually. Just be sure to ask your friendly neighborhood LBS employee first. Among the guaranteed is the Cateye Enduro 8, and probably other Cateye models as well. It would be nice if the circumference restrictions were on the packaging, but that’s the way it goes I guess.
I’ve been looking to buy a cycle computer myself. MapMyRide is a hassle to deal with, and it drains my phone’s battery.

I bought a cheap Schwinn 12 function computer for my 36er. You configure it by putting in the rev distance in millimeters, so 2873. It works well, and I think it’s reasonably accurate – close enough anyway. The wire is a bit of a pain to set up since it is just barely long enough to reach the handlebar. It takes 4 or 5 extra zip ties to get it on there. I wish I could get the wireless ones to work reliably…

Update on the Bontragger:

The buttons have become “sticky” and hard to use for resetting trip, so I’m going to swap out for a replacement.

A more realistic number is 2780 mm. I find this number agrees well with GPS measurements.


GPS is also not truly exact

GPS measurements are always from point to point every few meters, in a straight line. When riding not in a perfectly straight line, you get slightly lower speed and distance measurement then you have actually ridden.

How much “not in a straight line” do you ride? If you have a deviation of 5cm either side of the straight line each revolution (which is a huge wiggle), then that adds a massive 0.3% to your total distance, or in other words a difference of 9mm in the wheel circumference. Nowhere near the difference between the two measurements given above.