Compulsion Cycles website...hawt new set up

hey guys,

so I don’t know how many of you have checked the
page lately but if you haven’t your missing out. has
a tight new set up similar to the site woot. For those of you who don’t know woot, its like
there will be tight deals pretty close to every day. The new page is sick and I’m super stoked
on this idea…so why are you not checking out right now

jon A

That is hawt… i’ll have to check it out more.

Quite hawt indeed.

Is that all there is ?

I dont know about now, but before there used to be more. Just call them up and ask, or e-mail. I was gonna order a KH moment hub from them a while back but ended up just buying a new uni from someone on here instead.

If anything, these deals are just daily picks while leaving the rest of the store open.

Id just call/e-mail and ask about it.

It certainly is. Hopefully it’ll recover.

A tire? What’s so great about a website that sells one thing that most of us don’t want?

Ohhhhh, I get it, this a joke :roll_eyes:

I thought it was some “in joke” at first, but it looks genuine (even the Google checkout button seems to work) - just rubbish. Perhaps Jerrick is right and they usually have more stuff listed. I’m a bit suspicious of the unicycle reference in the description though - a normal bike dealer wouldn’t say that. And the Terms and Privacy links are dead. Hmmmm. Probably a joke.


For a real Woot-like site for bicycle stuff check out

great deals there on all kinds of stuff from clothing to gear.

Warning: say goodbye to your disposable income!

Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. By all means keep it coming.

Nope, not a joke. Just one thing at a time online.
One thing that I need to blow-out or have extra’s of …or am allowed to offer at a great price. Yes, of course, I still do have all sorts of other products and gear.

Woot, Chainlove, Steepandcheap… the list goes on and on for sites that offer one thing on sale at a time. I felt I needed to give that model a try myself. Hopefully others find it fun too.

Thanks for the heads up on the Terms and Privacy links. Wonder how that happened. :slight_smile:


I don’t get it. Do they only sell Knobby 24" Cheng Shin Tires? :thinking:

Online. Today. Yes.

Tomorrow it will be blue Velo saddles.
The next day something different.
The following day something else.

I was totally checking out right then. What made you think I wasn’t?

edit: it’s teh hawt

Yes, it’s a joke. I had no way of knowing you had other products based on your web page, only by posting here was I able to find out more. If you want to be taken seriously online, you need a minimum of a Contact page, which contains a physical street address, and a Terms of Service/Privacy Policy/all that stuff page, which currently are broken links on your site.

Obviously the site is intended for people who already know about you, but I came in from reading this forum post. I won’t be the only one.

Also missing from that one page is any information to the effect that there will be a new sale every day. No reason for anyone to ever come back, at least not until they wear out that tire… :slight_smile:

Are you guys a bike shop, offering this as a little side project? Lots of bike shops do that, but you need to be connected. Brands is a good example of this for me, as I’ve been to the shop (I used to live down the street), and now they appear to do a lot of business online as well (including unicycles).

examination, diagnosis,… …remedy?

In case you didn’t understand Leo’s post, in a nutshell he said “Woah, your code is way sloppy!”