Compulsion Cycles: Trip to Madison

Hey everyone,

The Compulsion Cycles team headed up to Madison for Madfest for the weekend. The trip was sick and everyone had a great time. This is the first of many to come Compulsion Cycles team vids, also Matt and Alex’s premier

check out the vid let us know what you think…

-jon A

Awesome Jon! Loved everything…Really cool video…


sick as always jon…that 360 over the barrel was sick and whatever that was sif to sib 180 unispin to rolling wrap was sick

nice. haven’t seen much freestyle in videos in awhile! makes me want to get smily walk backwards. i shall practice that today:p .

Very nice riding to you all!

man the 360 over the can was sick, did not see that comin.

yes i forgot to mention that. that was definitely a highlight. I highly doubt i could even get close to a 360 over that.

Wow this vid rocks. Amazing editing/riding.
High def anywhere?

it must have been some six years by now that I’ve been to Madfest, but I dont remember seeing any good/a lot of unicyclists there! Did that change or is it just me who doesnt remember anymore… :thinking: Back then I was a lot more into juggling than into uni that might be why.

Enjoyed watchin your movie (makes me “homesick”) and great skills!!!

well i didn’t ride 6 years ago :wink: i dont really know how long they have had unicyclist there. It was my first time down there.

Danny i may have high def sometime. where would i upload that?

cool vid jon. i loved the 360 over the can. i mustve watched it twenty times.

That was soooo sweet at 1:48
That little kid looks exactly like a kid I know too
Cool video

Nice ridding. Loved the 360.

hey didn’t you were posting message there

back to the topic, i really loved you’re vid jon 360 over the can was fucking insane!!! keep it up man! and see you at unicon i wish

– bobousse

You’ve GOT to be kidding! I ALMOST went to Madfest!!! How was it, is it in Wisconsin every year, and will you be going next year?!

That was great, 360 over the can was mad. Nice bigflip too.


Mafest was sick. yep MADfest is in MADison every year;)

as of now yeah the team will proablly be going down again but it is a year away so something could come up.

If i do go down there i hope to see and session with you.

thanks so much for the comments guys

jon A

your wish is my command-

Very awesome, by next year I’ll probably have at least, if not 2, street/trials unicyclists to bring along.

Really nice! The 360 over the can was amazing, would love to see someone do it in street enviornment. And also, was that a sidespin to rolling wrap? I haven’t seen it before, are you the first one to land it?


loved it :smiley: not my kind of music, but i survived