Compulsion Cycles presents a flatland vid: Jon Kickin it...

not all flatland

jon A

that was awesome…I really liked watching flatland from more people.

Really cool, you have a lot of flow. My favorite line is the 5 set to outflip to unispin to outside roll:)

great vid. I loved the wrap-walk to one-footed 360 unispin.

EDIT: can you put this somewhere where i can download it?

That was friggin rediculous. One of my favourite videos defently. I can’t get over how smooth your lines are. It’s sweet how you don’t use any hops while doing flatland. And nice song choice to.

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Thats probably the best video I’ve seen in a long time, nice work. :smiley:

Pretty impressive.

Props. Anyone that can flatland has my respect, I have no flat skills.

awsome. great music. awsome riding. best vid iv seen in ages!

friggin awesome!

So uh, when is the website gonna go through puberty and fill out?


Very nice vid. Great smooth style and good picture quality.


nice riding. Do those tricks have names? ie
one foot on crank, one foot sideways wheel walk


I like your style Jon, good flow with street and flat tricks.


Really liked this vid, very smooth and soft and u’ve got a lot fo flow. I would rate is 4,5/5 :smiley:

yep they all have names. some time in the near future Spencer and i should make a vid of the tricks with there names.

nice vid. song reminded me of transformers.

great job dude. that was awesome.:slight_smile:

i liked the heaton double seat wrap, to one footed 360 unispin