Compulsion Cycles: Mondo Sessions

heres the new vid from the Compulsion Cycles boys. We where at Mondo and heres the footage from the weekend-

nothing special but enjoy-

jon A

Loved the wall-spin t sidewalk. Gotta love team unforms.

yeah, i loved the wallspin to sideways WW too… I just love your style of riding!

The over exposure is pretty neat. Some of those shots were very very cool. Nice riding as well.

Man thats nuts, I really wanna learn how to do those backwards SIF standup wheelwalks. Any tips on controling them? I can do half a rev to pedals but thats basically just a controlled fall more than actualy pushing.

Generaly your team is probably like a pretty mad skills team and the fact that you guys go out riding as a team is really cool.

nice vid jon!

keep it up man!

– bobousse

nice, nice.

alex rocks!!!

nice video!

keep it up!

Raphael P