Compression Clothing for Unicycling?

Whilst looking for some riding clothing I was reminded of compression clothing. I’m thinking of things like tights and tops - but also lower leg compression for calf muscle, or other specific areas. The claims seem to suggest you have an advantage wearing compression clothing.

I wondered if such clothing would/could help sustain riding for, say, more intense sessions or for longer distance. Anyone used compression clothing for unicycling? Any ideas about whether it could be advantageous to wear this sort of kit? Hmm I think I would quite fancy wearing a skin-tight-black-spiderman-outfit if it meant I could become a super hero whilst riding…OK! yes, I jest :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a link to a web page just to highlight what i’m talking about:

I would need to shave my fur to wear those :frowning:
no way I want to keep it!

Hoping you’d wear something like shorts over them… I have NO need to see your compressed package after a UPD! :astonished: :smiley:

the Bionic-X shirts & shirt worked very well for me and there is definitely a performance improvement.
A warning if you are vain but tubby: the shirt is very figure hugging, but only a bit more than a standard roadie cycling shirt.

Just as I suspected. Thanks for this. I’m gonna trouser myself up with some decent leg compression and check if it gives me an edge :slight_smile:

However, I will remember to…

…Avoid the lunchbox syndrome with a slim fitting tu-tu so I blend in normally :stuck_out_tongue: and…

…Look in the local ads for a second-hand exfoliating hair-removal pad :p.