Complimentary Comments

I was out Muniing for most of the day today and didn’t get a single ‘you’ve lost a wheel’ comment which was strange. I did however get two ‘are you doing that for a bet’ and a bloke from a group of mixed sex mountain bikers informed me that I need to see a psychiatrist, which I took as a compliment. (why is it always the man who has to make the silly comment)? I did though have a women on a horse inform me that what I was doing was impossible, which I also took as compliment. Yesterday I was told by a dog walker that I must be the fittest man in the world which I doubt very much but anyway it seems to have been a weekend of compliments. Muniing seems to be making me feel quite good about myself.


I think we all know why the men in mixed groups make the silly comments… and I doubt it ever works.

As for the horse. I hope you dismounted to let it pass. A horse can react unpredictably to the unexpected. Most horses won’t expect a unicycle, and certainly won’t expect a sudden UPD. A bicyclist from a club I used to be in was killed when a horse kicked out as he rode past.

Our riding in area with lots of horse riders have mostly seen us become VERY talkative when theres a horse coming up. I figure if a horse can hear your human, its less likley to be spooked by the strange shape you present. We also talk to the riders obviously and ask if its OK for us to pass.

As for the horse. I hope you dismounted to let it pass. A horse can react unpredictably to the unexpected

I most certainly did as it was quite a narrow and bumpy path and am well aware of the dangers of a spooked horse, I’m also conscious of the effect that arm waving can have on a horse. So far I have ever only had positive feedback from equestrians and even rode along side one once for a chat and he suggested that I might make a good horse rider as you need a good sense of balance.
And probably a better sense of balance to ride a giraffe, well, off road anyway.