Completely confused beginner

I’m just about to get a unicycle, I’ve ordered it but I’m waiting for it to come. does anybody know any good websites with clear instructions on riding?cause i’m a bit confused. :thinking:

Hi, welcome to the forums! There are a lot of people on here who can help you, and there are already many posts on the issue of how to start, where’s best to ride and how quickly you can expect to learn. The best thing to do is use the search feature (top right below the advert, second button from the right). Search the forums there for something like ‘Learning’ ‘Starting out’ or ‘Beginner’ or similar.

There’s also lots of great info on starting out on, including a copy of a large ‘how to get started’ document.

Good luck learning!


I recently just made a website and it has all the stuff you need to learn how to ride.

nice website, I would’ve found that usefull a while ago

Re: Completely confused beginner

On Mon, 27 Jun 2005 09:16:38 -0500, “silverarrow” wrote:

>any good websites with clear instructions on

This page is exactly for you:

Includes a way of predicting how long it will take you to learn!

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