Complete wheel, 29" Nimbus Hatchet


My 125mm Schlumpf hub arrived. Selling my un-geared wheel. Bought new when I ordered the Schlumpf hub. Yes I “rode” it, maybe 300 yards.
Parts list as on UDC:
Hub/axle: Nimbus ISIS Disc (black) 36H, hardened CrMo splindle with steel flanges,125mm center bearing to center bearing
Spokes: 14G. stainless black (Disc side 289mm 3x, Non-disc side 291mm 3x) with silver nipples
Rim: Nimbus 36H (black) 55mm wide, tubeless ready, ERD - 595.6mm
Rim strip: Rubber rim tape
Tube size: 29" x 3.0", presta valve
Tire: Duro Crux 29" x 3.2125 Tire
Bearings: 22mm x 42mm x 12mm
Brake: 180mm Rotor (black)

Not even a nibble. I don’t want the wheel around here.
So: Price drop to the value of the hub. $100. You figure out how to get it.

What is inconvenient is the thing is simply too large to ship economically. If I buy two U-Haul 4-piece picture boxes and some tape, I can package it up in a 32x32x10 box weighing 20 lbs. UPS will charge about $125 to ship it. The boxes and packing materials will cost about $25.

If I receive a good response, I’ll take the trouble.

When I get tired of looking at it, I will salvage the hub and tube. The rim, tire, and spokes end up in the bin.

I am interested where are you in North Dakota? I am in Minnesota. We could maybe find a way to avoid expensive shipping.

@MooseMaster, I have replied via PM.

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