Complete Schlumpf uni (current generation)

Hi everybdy,

today is a sad day: I am listing my Schlumpf :’(
My knees are not bionic and not getting any better and riding the Schlumpf is only accelerating the decay.

The hub was bought on 2016 at and the wheel was laced and the cranks installed at the shop. I have no odometer on the uni but I have not ridden it much (under 400 miles) and 99% on the road/packed dirt paths. It makes for a wonderful travel uni as it packs in a suitcase.

General state:
the usual marks on the pedals, bumpers and end of the handlebar can testify that I am not a perfect rider but nothing serious.

Here is the breakdown of the parts as pictured:

  • Schlumpf 2016 hub (M858)
  • Mad4One 24"/ 47mm light green rim
  • Maxxis HollyRoller 24x2.4 tire very light for a wire-bead tire (
  • Slime tube with sealant inside
  • Mad4One L frame (clearance for 24x4.0 / 26x4.0 / 29x3.0) same light green color with the inner lip reduced by Marko when I bought the frame new
  • KH Spirit 110/137 cranks (purchased new with the hub)
  • green Wellgo B223 pedals (unfortunately darker than the rest)
  • KH One saddle with LockJaw2 pivotal post
  • KH T-bar with reinforcement plate

I can also include (upon request):

  • a Kenda Kinetics 24x2.6 tire (wire-bead)
  • a Vee Mission 24x4.0 tire (folding) with a downhill tube
  • a hydraulic disk brake (the disk is already on the crank)
  • swap of the Mad4One frame for a Triton Triple frame (+$250)

Asking $1600 shipping not included (will ship from 02453).

You can add/swap/remove parts but (short of the Triton swap) the price will not change. You get a full uni for the price of a new Schlumpf even if you want another size (as you ca relace up to 29" and still use all of the other parts).

Two adjustments to the initial post:

  • The cranks are 117/137 (and not 110/137)
  • The original Schlumpf tools will be included and it also comes with a jar of grease

I thought the spirit disc Hub system had to be on the right side.

True, I put the frame in the wrong direction after last travel. I have not ridden it since :frowning:
So I will take the opportunity of the partial disassembly for rehearsing the packaging to put it back in the right direction !

That is why I never re-assemble the same day I return usually :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you sure your knees are not suffering from building up leg muscles without stretching enough? I had a lot of knee problems that were cured by unicycling but only after I learnt the need for stretches to stop the muscles bunching up.

Knee pain often has a strong psychological component too.

Knees are an interesting clockwork and I am always interested in learning more.
I am just writting them off as non bionic after several occasions walking with friends and hiking where I ended up suffering. And I got some days where they feel loose out of bed.

If there is a thread about exercises and knees symptoms, we can develop it further there :wink:

Quick update

Wanted to post an update with additional useful information:

  • The Triton frame option is no longer available
  • The uni is still available as a whole as described or can be just the complete wheelset ($1500)
  • The complete wheelset can be with or without the saddle/handlebar, tires... flexibility remains (no difference in price anyway)

Packaging info for the complete wheelset:

  • The package for the wheelset should be roughly 25x25x8 inches with the tire and 22x22x8 inches without tire
  • The complete wheelset weights 10 lbs so let's assume that we are in the 12/13 lbs fully packed. If you want also other parts, it may make the package slightly larger and for sure heavier

Packaging info for the complete uni:

  • The package for the complete uni should be a bit bigger (ballpark of 28x28x10 inches)
  • I will post a later update as I forgot to weight it complete (sorry)

Pending payment…


I bought it! It’s great! I love it! My kids love it! Thanks Sidd!

Glad this uni will have a good life in a nice family. Enjoy !