OK I would like to ahve a comp so I was wondering should it be street or trials ? can you tell me why with your answer plz

Is that a serious question? If you can set up one, you can set up both almost as easily. Street is easier to set up, but if you’ve gone that far you can create lines for Trials.

So the correct answer is “both” and why not throw in some MUni and other stuff to attract the riders up there?

I don’t think anybody will go to something set up by a kid who can’t spell his words out.

That was cold, if it were somehwat near by il go. but i mispell words all hte time especially when typing fast and when my cat thinkgs its funny to pat my hands!!

I cant spell all my words rigt all teh time, and im AWSOME!

Juts go’s to show…

max is french, ahah he can barely speak english, what a fool!

anyways id come max if you had a street comp.

I take it you are joking and not “bashing” people who speak French? It’s hard to know what a person is meaning by just the text. :frowning: :slight_smile:

actaully max is quite the goof, and he is french. sooo…


eff off I own at typing u guys just dont kno it !

Oh, ok!:slight_smile:

All the best with the trials event, Max!

id be careful about asking any questions on here man. youll get tried for real.

I got big muscle men

I’d say if you can get a hold of a skatepark, street comp would be awesome. And that riders the rip street could really use one. Since there are all ready trials comp, but i’ve never seen a street competition before. If i could get there, I’d go for sure. No way would I miss the first street comp (first that I know of). Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

u people amuse me…

why would we amuse you ? ur tripin out