haha ok ill try to type better this time . I am thinking of making a street comp in alberta I was thinking of the Calgary Milenium Skatepark (world’s Biggest) so I was wondering how much persons would come?

is that in canada



than i mite go if its in like a month or 2

Now I was wondering what people would want ? I was thinking of stairs,drops,ledges,rails hand rails … any other suggestions ?

can you give me an adress that i can mapquest

Im just starting to think of makiing this … so you want the adress of the milenium park ?

yah so i can get an idea of how far it is from my house

8243 Ranchveiw dr N.W. Calgary Alberta
Calgary Canada T3H 2G3

Is the adress but I am not sure that is where it would be

All of that, and everything else. If its a skate park, it will probally have everything you need-you just need to set up a judging system maybe, some rules/guidlines as to how people should compete, etc.

I wont come because its too far away. Unless you can pay my way.:slight_smile:

lmao I aint paying nothing for u ! lol dude remeber Im french

Dude you do know Canada is a full-sized country right? You could be close, but you can’t quite talk like you are talking. I’d go but its like 4000 km’s away from my house.

Do you know where you are moving or going? Hopefully the East Coast.


aww man, really?? I thought it was a state…darnit…


start with local riders around you.