Competition prep

So this Saturday I have OUI coming up and since it is probably my favourite event of the year, it also really motivates me to be more competitive because I know the people I’m competing against. I have actualy been training for it, I have been riding at least every day doing similar things to whats going to be going on at the event (muni racing and trials).

This obviously takes its toll on my body and I’m wondering at what point should I just sit back and rest to let my body do the rest of the work before the actual competitions.

So at what point should I take a break from training and just relax. Should I? Are there other things I should do instead that will help me out but allow my body to have a break?

Any other tips?

I’d say a 48 hour break or even just some a light riding in those two days is all you need for your body to prepare itself for the event. You want those muscles in top condition!

Back when I used to read Bicycling Magazine, there were lots of articles about training programs and methods. One of the common tenets was to not ride, or only do a very easy ride on the day before big events.

Other things to think about:

  • Try to avoid getting injured just before, or at the beginning of, big events
  • Don’t try new equipment or clothing in competitions or long rides. If you haven’t spent time riding with it, stick to what you know works and is comfortable.
  • Give it your very best shot, but don’t forget to have fun in the process!

In many sports it is common to lower your training slightly just before an event.

By the way what is OUI?

Ottawa Unicycle Invasion, it is this week-end, in Ottawa, Canada :roll_eyes: More details here. I’m still not sure if I should go to the Muni Race, I’ve never Muni of my life…


for swimming we lower all our practices and phyiscal activity ALOT and then you have alot of evergy. so i would say only ride like 15 min a day from here on out, so you dont totally out of uni practice

Just practice riding strenuously doing what you would be doing at the convention, I know when I go to a unicycle convention I ride a lot harder and longer then I normally would.

Go ahead and ride up untill about 2 days before the event. 2 days before, still ride, but slow it down a little. I personally would at least ride a little the day before though, as long as you don’t over do it it doesn’t hurt. Obviously you don’t want to just sit around like a couch potato the day before…

Oh, don’t train all out everyday, either. Go hard for a day or two, then have an “easy” day, stuff like that.

Do it Hugo, you will have no problem. I have been checking out the general area that the competition is taking place in and if you can do trials at all then you will have no problem. Its not a huge downhill thing, its cross country although some places can get pretty technical you can always walk it.

Thanks for the tips guys, you are all pretty much saying what I was thinking. Right now I’m taking a day or two off to rest because my body hurts… alot… Then I will probably not be able to not ride so I will probably bring it to work on thursday or something for a bit. The problem is I am never sitting around like a couch potatoe, I still work 10-12 hours a day where I’m standing and running around a kitchen, so its hard to let my body relax.

I generally do my last serious ride a week or two before a major event, and then taper off, concentrating on fitness rides and low injury risk. If you’re not in shape a week before the event, it’s too late anyway.

If I were doing something related to trials, I might also do some low-risk skill work like riding skinnies on the ground, or just pure sidehop height onto something solid.