Competition in wa state or oregon

back in wa state or oregon looking for a competition in one of those two states. I used to ride with u guys when I was younger want to get back into it and bring my son.

There aren’t a lot of competitions held in WA or OR but there are a lot of riders. I’ve thought about organizing a Northwest competition of sorts but that would involve more time and energy than I currently have available.

If you are simply looking for others to ride with in Vancouver that is doable, there are known riders from Portland to Seattle to get hooked up with. Some are organized in clubs and some are on their own. I suggest you join the Seattle Area Unicycle Riders (SAURS) Meetup Group to get some contacts. There are Facebook pages as well.

Do u no any clubs in vancouver or ppl.

Here is the response from our Portland contact, Madison Johnston:

The closest clubs I can think of are the spanaway one wheelers, and UFO(unicycle for ocosta). The only “club” in the Portland area is Reed college’s juggling nights on Wednesdays and there’s not usually a lot of riders there. There’s tons of school groups but none of them ride during the summer and they don’t practice after the rose festival parade. I don’t know about the Vancouver area but I haven’t heard of any clubs up there and Serious Juggling usually points clubs my way when they buy unis so I hear about groups once in a while.

You can also subscribe to the SAURS email list here:

Several riders are participating in the upcoming Portland Bridge Pedal ( They would welcome more riders!

Lone wolf

I have sought company in this two 1/2 year venture riding my muni.
Closest I’ve come is someone hiking a trail I was on. He claimed to ride often at Powell Butte. Never have seen him riding. Never even see other riders near me. I ride the Springwater Trail sometimes. At least traffic is not constantly in your face.
Vancouver is close enough.
How good of rider are you?

If you are 20 years old, your son probably isn’t more than 8.