competing in local mtb races

Hi everyone,
Hearing all this talk about 24hrs. of Adrenaline and Red Bull Mountain
Mayhem has inspired me. I would like to begin entering local mtb races.
My questions:

1.)Any advice for entering? I expect to hear many reasons why I shouldn’t
be doing this!
2.)Is beginner class going to be a bunch of people on Huffys?
3.)Are there any important things that I would probably overlook?
4.)Does anyone know of good xc races in eastern PA?

Jeff T.

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Beginner class, as fas as my experiences goes, will be people who have never raced before, but can ride very well. There will be people who suck, of course, but for the most part, they are still good riders.

People in beginner class won’t dismiss you, as they are there to enjoy the spirit of competition, not get sponsors. I would check with race officials before you travel there, because technically, you are not on a bike.

Some of the people I have seen at races would have been beaten by a good MUni-ist :slight_smile:

I’ve found that the best courses are the slow ones, because relative to the mountainbikers you’re at less of a disadvantage. This usually means very steep, technical courses. It’s also easier to push a unicycle than a bicycle and you could pass lots of people that way.

I think also we could be quite competitive if we did it cyclo-cross style. With a high gear, big wheel unicycle for flat sections and a good pair of running legs for the steep sections. I find it much easier to mount a unicycle than a cumbersome mountainbike, so I think transitions from running to unicycling is quite efficient.

Anyway, good luck!

Ken Looi

p/s In my experience mountainbike event organisers are very enthusiastic about having these crazy one wheelers at their event. At every race I have done so far I have paid a half price entry fee (=half the wheels). By all means let them know you’re doing it on a MUni. :slight_smile:


a cyclecross course would be cool,but cyclecross season is the muddiest season.

to do one of those running legs would have to be(very!)good.the rolling jump mount would need to be perfected to 100%

on the plus side, is that cyclecross is not N.o.r.b.a. and you can legaly switch bikes in the "zone"so im sure a unicyclist could exchange wheel sized uni’z