Compensating for a pedal cap??

Hey there,

Here’s the story: I was riding in the city with some friends the other day, and without realising, the pedal cap came off my right Jim C oddysee pedal and was never seen again.

I ride on a lot of dirt and rought terrain and I can’t have the pedal bearings as vulnerable as they are now.

I’m sure that this is not a first, any ideas as to what i could do to cover up the bearings?

I bought these pedals second hand too, so I don’t think the bike shop would fix me up with a new one, but I’ll try anyway.

Thanks a bunch,


can you order a new cap?

duct tape?


make one out of plastic :slight_smile:


There are pliable plastic tips for dowels (and other round things) that you can get at hardware stores. They come in a variety of sizes. You might be able to find one that is the right size to stick in the pedal. Might have to trim it down a bit. Should work. Not sure how well it would stay in place.

Ok, thanks everyone.

In reply to the duct tape suggestions, that was actually my first thought, but because they are metal pedals and because of all of the umm… ‘bumps’ on the pedal, I don’t think duct tape would stick very well. Also, despite duct-tape working for fixing everything, I know from experience that it isn’t as usefull when it’s wet.

I will head down to the hardware store tonight and see what they can do for me.

Thanks again,


I use duct tape on the snafu’s on my freeride… I lost the caps on both pedals the day after I bought it and needed something to keep the mud and sand out of them. Works no problems, but looks a bit hagged, but I couldnt have it any ther way.
My brand new ipod (bought yesterday) has a duct tape case covering the whole thing (other than dock, screen, hold switch and headphone jack) which looks so sweet.
I use black coloured duct tape by the way

Pedal protectors would do the job well, although you have to drill some holes in Jim Cs to fit them. I’m now wishing I had done this as it would have saved my relatively new Jim Cs from being trashed on yesterday’s ride. I smashed the cover and managed to break off the nut underneath.

Pedal protectors are available from, although the Australian branch hasn’t got them in yet. Postage shouldn’t be much as they are really light so you could order some in from overseas.

For more info see the thread

If it’s a plastic end cap, it’s probably a pretty similar size to most pedal end caps , maybe the bike shop will have a different one that’ll fit.

Metal ones are harder as they have threads on so you need the right one.