Compatible?: Kh Hub in old Onza Trials frame?


Does anyone know if I can put a 2005 Kh trials wheelset in a an old Onza trials frame? I have Bevan’s trials frame from a few years ago. I stripped it and painted it, and now it’s ready for a wheelset.

I am thinking, that the distance between the fork blades on the Onza is the same as on a Yuni frame, so if you know if this works with a Yuni frame, answer as well.


Depending on the year of the frame, it may slip streight in or you will need to bend the legs in. No damage will be done doing this.



(For anyone who wants to try this and does a search on it)
I finally did drop a Kh trials wheelset into my older Onza frame. It dropped right in, but the bearing holders are scraping and grinding against the dust covers on the wheelset. I will have to file down the bearing holders(those that are welded to the frame) with file, just a bit.

No no no, just take the dust covers off and slip in some washers.

I ended up just inserting some shims made from some thin craft sheet aluminum. It was found in my house when I bought it. I would guess it could be found at a hobbyshop.

No fuss, little time and it worked. The dust covers taper to the top, so it raised the frame just enough to clear the taper on the dust cover.