Compatable? leapord 3.0 tire/ dx 24in

Hope the tittle was clear enough…Well my question is this…Can you put the wildlife leapord tire( on the Dx 24in (05 model), I dont really care about the fram fitting, I can just get another one that fits…but Will it fit the rim? Any help appreciated!

Measure the width of your rim, if it’s more than 25mm then probably yes. I believev 25mm is stated as the minimum rim width on the sidewall of that tyre. Don’t think you’re going to be in luck with the frame though.

I’ve heard that that tire will fit on the 06s, but NOT on the 05s.

So no on it fitting eh…dang… was hopping I owuldnt have to buy a bunch of stuff for it…well thanks guys…

Well, that’s just hearsay.

Whoa whoa whoa.

It will fit the frame, but the rim will be so narrow that you’ll only be able to have it at high pressure. And it will fold over a lot.

The 06’s have an Alex DX 32 rim, so it will fit those though.

Hi Cody–

Way better to just spend another 30 bucks and buy a KH 24 rim, the new wide one that comes with the 05 KH Freeride Munis.

Gonna use that for Muniing, or what?


Ya, if you remember at CMW I did that 8 mi on my trials, and the first ride that i took on my 24 before I broke it the tire was so narrow rolling over stuff wasnt the easiest…I was hoping I could just put a bigger tire on there, but seeing that I have to but the rim too il have to get it relaced, so I think now would be a good time to replace that hub thats broken too…Either that or but a whole new uni…and im a lil cheap for that ;)…Well thanks a lot for the help guys!! I mean that THANKS!

Hey, Cody–

I think if you snoop around you can probably find a used Muni for a real nice price. It ends up being cheaper than trying to toss together something from scraps and mismatched parts. Older (pre 05) KH 24s are out there, and they work great. Remember Eyal rides one, and he gets down everything. I had one I could have sold you for a song but I gave it to Morgan (remember her at Cal. Muni Weekend), Josh’s girlfriend.


Ya, she was the one that rode the standard Dx 20in down the trail right…Me and her were hte onley ones to take 20 inchers down the last ride…Il see what I can find…Il either get a new rim and hub, or try to find a cheap muni…Thans again for the help…Hmm christmas is comming up…Giraffe, or muni…MUNI!!

Well Im gonna put my 05 dx 24 out to pasture…I baught the dx 06 ITS NICE!! And you acn put a 3.0 on, so I got it last week…SO next off roading event I wont have to do it on my trials uni!! yay!!!

dude, that’s awesome. Congrats, the '06 looks like a totally solid machine.

Sweet, I love it but am thinking about the 3" Duro Lepord myself…can you tell us how it fits and all that? UDC says the 06 DX will fit the Duro, but not the Gazz. I dont know what thats all about…

The Gazz is squarer than the Duro, so it won’t fit frames with rounded corners where the Duro will fit, as it has a rounder profile.

Well For now im gonna keep the 2.6 opn it, till I order some stuff from UDC, Im gonna need a gel saddle soon and stuff, so once I sell off one of my other unis I can get it…I had to sell my Nimbus to help pay for this one…

Oh I see, you havent gotten the Duro yet. Okay.

I ldefinitly tell yall when I do…