Comparison of Muni Types

Attached is an expanded version of the working document i used to compare the various types of 29er unicycle before i chose which one to buy. It provides a side by side analysis for all 3 Muni wheel sizes for the unicycles available in the UK.

for the US costs are different and i suspect some specs are as well (and you get to choose cranks and saddle)

Muni Comparison.pdf (29.8 KB)

Nice job.

I would personally have added more tech details but again, we all have our comparison chart style :wink:

Looks nice, I’ve done similar but I never got it looking polished like that.

I’ve done a few of these based on the size I was looking to buy at the time. The compare function on UDC is fairly basic so this sort of summary is necessary to do a proper side by side comparison.
I wish they’d host a comparison spreadsheet on UDC(UK) to save us all doing our own :roll_eyes:
I also wish the descriptions were kept up to date…I can only assume specs change without them being aware? I can’t knock their service though so I’ll stop whining like a child… :smiley: