Comparison of hopping styles (plus a picture)...

Today I practiced a little bit of hopping with the seat in, seat out one handed, and seat out two handed. I was going for height. Before my new muni and before this little bit of practice, my record was 0.20m. Today, I got a PB of 0.43m and it was surprisingly with a seat out and two handed approach. You can see my results in the picture (which I’m surprised I figured out how to make:) ).

Since I’ve now got evidence that my seat out hop is higher, I’ll work on landing comfortably with the seat out and then try to go to seat out with one hand. I was very pleased with today’s results!


…Andrew, great pics. But i think it is better to wear shin protection during doing trials. It is really pain if you get the pedal in you shin and after month’s you’ll have big and deep holes in it :slight_smile:


I know I should’ve been wearing my pads but I started out thinking I’d just be taking a short ride and I just kept on going…you know how it is:) .


Awesome work Andrew, keep it up and in no time you’ll be at 80 cm.


Hey Andrew it’s ok. If I go to unicycling I forget what is happen in the world around me…:slight_smile:

greets —> 20000 kilometres away form germany