Comparing weight of various Munis

I just weighed my Vortex and a Wilder. Wilder 14.8 lbs. The Vortex was 16.5. The Muni’s are comparable in that they both have Gazz tires, carbon fibre seat base. Similar length cranks.

Does anybody know the weight of other comparable Munis? I’m curious. The 1.7 lb difference is significant. The Wilder feels like a feather compared to my Vortex.

I haven’t done a thorough riding comparison, but whenever I jump with the Wilder, it seems like I can jump significantly higher and with much more ease.


My Pashley with Wilder CF air seat, Reeder handle, Kooka 170s, and Tioga Factory DH 26x2.5 =~ 16.0 lbs.

I had a 24" Sem XLW that weighed in at less than 14 lbs on my bathroom scale. I don’t have an accurate weight.

That was with Gazz 2.6 tire and stock miyata seat and 150mm bicycle euro Cranks.

Steve Howard (SH) MUni
New style Miyata seat conversion with ReeCycle cover, SH handle set
Shimano 175mm aluminum cranks
Odessey plastic studded pedals
Alex DX32 rim
24 x 3.0 Gazz tire
SH stainless steel hub and axle
Butted spokes (overkill)

14 pounds 2 ounces or 6.42 kg (my hair weighs more than that)

(SH) Stainless MUni
Velo saddle with stainless seat rail/stiffener plate/Reeder handle
Aluminum 170mm cranks
Wellgo B-37 pedals
Alex DX32 rim
24 x 3.0 IRC Kujo tire
24" standard inner tube (?? lighter than a DH tube)
SH stainless steel splined hub and axle
Butted spokes (overkill)

This was weighed on an old but reasonably accurate balance beam “Detecto” scale.

Steve Howard

muni on scale.jpg

Opps! Got so wrapped up in all the details I forgot to say how much it weighs …

14.5 pounds or 6.59 kg (the hair left on the barber shop floor after I get a haircut weighs more than that).

Steve Howard

mine weighs close to like if i remember right 21 pounds, :thinking: :angry: but i htink most of the weight comes from the frame i made, its real big and heavy. haha but i can still hop onto park bench seats :slight_smile: oh mines a 26" with…old seat, ryno light rim, noname hub, noname cranks, and 2.5" tire that i ddont remember name

Does anybody know how much lighter a regular 24" tube is compared to the Gazz tube, and also how much more prone is it to breakage, than the Gazz?

So it look like state of the art in lightness is around 14.5 to 14.8 lbs. It will be pretty cool when someone builds a durable 24" Muni under 14 lbs. By that I mean one that’s as unbreakable as the rest, has a 3" knobby tire, solid handle, air-seat, super grippy strong pedals etc. Of course weight and riding style come into play, but given that I only weigh 150, I don’t need a Muni that’s as strong as one for someone weighing 180 or 200. I wonder if a 13lb Muni meeting the specs above could be custom made that I couldn’t break :slight_smile: Course that could be a costly venture.


A’lot i’d say 3 or 4 times more.i’ve never puctured a DH tube.

I don’t know how much lighter a standard inner tube is but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s 200 grams or so. I’ve weighed the IRC Kujo tire and it’s about 100 g lighter than a Gazz so all in all the tire and tube I have on my MUni is 1/2 pound or more lighter than a Gazz with DH tube.

I’ve found the IRC tire doesn’t work as well as a Gazz at low pressure - probably since the side walls are thinner - so I don’t run low pressures in it and don’t need a DH tube. At low pressures is squirms all over and won’t track a straight line.

Steve Howard

I disagree but I don’t have any data. The chief mechanic at our bike shop uses normal tubes off-road with no problems. There is at least a pound difference, if not more. I posted the weight difference once but I’m not sure where. This is probably the quickest and cheapest way to drop weight from your MUni. If enough people try it we can get a feel for the difference in ruggedness. My guess is that it depends more on the tire, the tire pressure, and the technique than on the tube.

3 or 4 times more=about one pound of differance in Jagurs mind…

the DH Kenda tube i have could anchor a small boat.

You can save 1/2 a pound or more depending on your choice of tube.

A Nokian 24x3 tube weighs in at about 10 oz. or 285 g
An Intense 24x3 tube weighs in at about 20 oz. or 570 g

There are lighter tubes than the Nokian if you’re really into the gram counting. I think the IRC DH tube is lighter than the Nokian. If you really want to go for the lightweight then try a standard weight 24" tube for a 2.4" or 2.5" tire.

The Intense tube is thick (and heavy). I use an Intense tube because I once got a pinch flat with a lighter tube. I’d rather put up with the extra weight than deal with a flat during a muni ride. I have bottomed out and pinched the Intense tube and it has never punctured or leaked.

the IRC DH tubes have a nice medal valve stem too. :sunglasses:

I went from an intense 2.7" tire and tube to a regular tube and a Geax Blade 2.3" tire and I saved about 5 pounds. there wasn’t even that much of a difference in tire width between the two.