comparing unicycles side by side (by price and known strength)

torker DX
do some research, you can find it for about $250, free shipping, pretty good for an up and coming unicyclist

freaking insane unicycle. nearly unbreakable, though it is heavy.
$323 + shipping

strongest, best, owns!
$364 + shipping
best deal EVER!

strongest(whateveryousay), not the best, pretty good
the only one worth comparing here is the devil, whatever… renegade juggling
eh, thats not too shabby.
KH has a way sexier body though.(not the person)

I love the way you totally forgot the best wheel uni ever. bedford hard core trials. with profiles

I have no price quote on that, in the US anyways
and its too expensive
i’m keeping it UNDER $500

i didn’t include the XTP frame, KH rim, profile hub(Isis of course, didn’t you know…) Koxx stuff from clamp up, now did I?
well, these are the reasonable frames

how much can I special order that african black frame for? the one made of only the best alloys and DUCTTAPE!

628usd without seat post and pedals. the kh rim is on the kh uni right? :thinking:
profile hub… so you leave out the best stuff…?
reasonable frames… bedford. actually you want a cool steel one I will post a picture of the one I am building maybe tomorrow

This should be stickied so newbs can read it.

way more people have wrecked Profiles than Moments. and moments are ISIS!..profiles have been around and abused longer though.
i left out the stuff that is only for people who do insane stuff EVERY DAY they ride. that stuff is rediculously expensive, still, the things I wrote are the common stock unicycles w/ splined hubs.

who has wrecked moments. no one, when they have been tested for a lot of years we can compare them. like what? most people who do insane stuff use profiles, kh, koxx, or qu-ax

somebody(s) claimed to have bent moments. I think 2 have been wrecked so far. and not even horribly either, they are still rideable if I remember right.
as far as the insane stuff goes, do people even BUY profiles anymore? or anything rediculously expensive, i have heard of 2 people using the XTP frame. the stuff is almost useless, so I left it out. im talking stock here.
is there any reason to? the KH is so much cheaper and just as strong, if not stronger.

Hay im curious speakin of crank strengths, has anyone bent or broken the Koxx-one reinforced? Ive abused em pretty well and they are holdin great, I personally like them better than the KH cranks, I hate that angle on em, I like my straight Koxx.

But the guy destroyes nearly everything.


That’s older KH rim, so it’s not as durable as newer wider KH rim.


it was the Koxx reinforced rim

What exactly was the failure? From the way the spokes are hanging out, it looks like maybe the hub flange?

I think that wheel failed from Unicaw using it. Basically. Looks like a massive drop, but then it’s hard to know what gave way first. Note the un-roundness of the rim, which could have pulled the spokes out of the hub. I think that is the most-destroyed unicycle wheel I’ve seen, not counting ones that get run over by cars and such. The worst riding-killed wheel.

So what’s the point of this thread? To compare hearsay reports of parts breakage and personal opinions of what part is stronger than what other part? Maybe it would be more useful to compile a list of known breakage/damage, with pictures and stories to go with each so we can all see them and form our own conclusions. Could be interesting…

Obviously Cody is hard on equipment, but this failure is unusual. A reasonably-built wheel is very strong in the plane of the wheel, and relatively weak parallel to the plane of the wheel. When a wheel is presented with a vertical force greater than the spoke tension, it still is fairly unlikely to fail in the vertical direction, but a small horizontal force added to a large vertical force could cause it to fail in the sideways direction (taco). This is the common failure mode for wheels.

From what can be seen, it looks to me like a large vertical force caused the hub flange to fail. The spokes pulled out of the failed flange, leaving the wheel with no structural integrity and allowing the rim to collapse upward (and even bend the lower spokes).

hello marco

I’ve seen worse.
Watch from minute 4 to minute 6.

EDIT: That’s a pretty idioticaly high drop though (especially to flat concrete).

It is not Cody’s uni.

Ya, I have never trashed a rim that bad, not even a drilled K1. worst I ever did was in the Feb Vid with Spencer(in my sig) The reinfoced I have barely dont anything to it, its actually been holding up great. Only things ive been bending on the koxx unis was the drilled rim, and the seat posts…but you cant blame me on bending alu seat posts ;). Im usin a steel seat post with a couple brackets for strength with the reinfoced wheel, I do whatever I want to it and never worry about bending or breaking anything…now that is rare…

Edit: Why are there spokes unlaced from the hub? did they snap off, if so then just how freakishly hard of a landing was that?! Or were they taken out intentionally to bend the rim, cause that would be kidna cool if you just like to break stuff to lace a hub with like 8 spokes and take it off a 9 ft dop :smiley:

Anyways the thread has gone off topic but yeah, Joe Dyson bent his Moment cranks being his dopey self, tho I have yet to have seen it them. Moving down to Wellington later this year so I can see them for myself.