I want to make a custom trials/street uni. what company for custom is better. bedford, kirs holm, koxx one? looking to throw an addict seat. so ya post an opinion on which company you think is btter for custom stuff (price and quality wise)

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Isn’t a custom a mix of brands? Personally I like my K1 with a KH frame because I have the Street Cranks, colored rim, colored clamp, and white tryall with the K1 plus the awesome KH frame. An Addict seat is definitely on my Christmas list too.

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A mixture of parts. KH and Koxx-one with and addict seat.

Seriously though, it is mostly personal preference.
Most of the popular brands are pretty comparable. I personally think if you’re gonna go with stock components, koxx has the most style by far. My guess is that nimbus frames have been the strongest to this point, however the new crown design on the koxx is probably stronger if they used the right alloys, and tempered it correctly. Kh may be lighter than the others for a street frame, but the frame will fail when the aluminum fatigues from the stresses of riding (depending on the alloy the chromo frames may do the same thing). Most of the hubs are pretty much identical, but the new kh ones are kinda cool… time will tell if they hold up. Koxx has some sweet rims to choose from, but for cranks i’d go with moments or the new addict cranks (if you can get them).
If you want to buy a complete uni, i’d go w/ koxx. Mebbe u can custom order it the way you want it.

Addict frames look quite strong is well. But yes time well tell on any product

Addict frames look quite strong is well. But yes time well tell on any product

You can make custom koxx-ones from here