Commuting milestone

The Pacific Northwest weather and my work schedule have recently agreed to allow me to uni-commute to work again. I took the Coker on Monday and Tuesday and have found that jump mounting or rolling jump mounting the big boy works splendidly and consistently for me. Going from a mostly reliable rolling mount to a constantly reliable jump mount was an easy “leap” to make.

I took Blue Shift in today and took it easy to get used to it again. Somehow I also clocked my record unicycle commute time. I tried out the rolling jump mount on it and had moderate success. I landed every mount but it wasn’t as stable as the same mount on the Coker. It also seemed silly in that Blue Shift is not so big that it requires a jump mount.

I have serious traffic regulation obstacles to deal with as the 5 mile route sports 9 traffic signals and 11 stop signs. I have made several bicycle trips in without putting my foot down and one Coker trip in with no foot-down stops. I have NEVER made it home without putting my foot down at least once. Various door-to-door times are listed below. There’s a reason that Metro “fares” so poorly.

Car-20 minutes
Bicycle-28 minutes
Blue Shift-31 minutes (today)
Coker-35 minutes
Bus-45 minutes
Hoof-90 minutes