Commuting/cruising vs trials/muni

I am sorry if this has been posted before. I could not find it. Anyway…

I really want a torker ax for moving around (yeah yeah no coker for me I am in NYC using tight subway trains also) but I would really love to be as cool as the trials dude I just saw on youtube. It looks very enjoyable. I have my doubts on the trials/muni because I am not particularly skilled at the moment, I can ride my 20" well, I can freemount (usually), and I can’t really do much else.

I think I am going to go to the NYUC meeting tomorrow so I will be able to try them both out hopefully, but it would be great to hear some other opinions.


I guess this was a bad question. lol

if your uni is going to be your transportation get the 29’er. Or if you have alot of spare cash just get a trials uni with a KH/Schlumpf geared hub. :roll_eyes:

A 24" muni

Is way faster then a 20. Trials is hard for a beginner. I was able to ride dirt trails very soon, muni isn’t that hard. And a 24 will fit on the subway. Have fun in central park !

I too vote for 24" MUni…you can do trials on a 24", but you can’t commute on a 20".

So basically a 24" muni is a good balance?
Will the tire be slow on concrete?

BTW oh lord I have been riding constantly on my 20 inch noobcycle with a rock hard seat, a super wobbly wheel, and weakkkk pedals. FUn STUFF!

Some tires will be slow on pavement, for the most part, most 24" tires used on unicycles ride pretty well on pavement.

Nah, it’ll be just as hard to balance on as a 20".
That comes with any unicycle you get.

Go for a Quax Cross or a Quax Trials from UDC then you can get around some. Trials and smaller trails.

I meant balance between commuting and trials/muni
(I assume that was a joke) :smiley:
Also thanks everyone for the advice. I was originally thinking nimbus, but I will also check out the quax. Any other suggestions? I will continue to search.


A 24x3 with a street friendly tire might suit your needs. A 24x3 will allow you to get aggressive and play around on urban terrain. Things like riding down flights of stairs, jumping on things, doing drops, and just cruising.

There are several 24x3 style tires for cruiser bikes. Two that look good are the Felt Thick Brick and the 3G Hoggy G. Ignore the marketing claims of over 3" width. They lie. The tires aren’t that wide and aren’t wider than the standard 3" knobby tires. But they are fatter than other tires.

I have used the Hoggy G. It has a tendency to ride poorly on cambered surfaces, but otherwise is a fun tire. I haven’t tried the Felt tires but I have seen them on bikes at the local bike shop. My gut instinct is that the Felt tires would be better suited than the 3G Hoggy G.

A 26" wheel would go faster but is also heavier and would be more difficult to deal with on a subway. A 29er wouldn’t handle the jumping and aggressive riding well and would be even larger than the 26. An urban 24x3 is probably the best compromise.

Cool. Thanks very much for the recommendations. I will continue to research.

How far would you be commuting?

Honestly not much, I would really be riding it for fun to the grocery store. I am an avid longboarder…so if I actually need to get somewhere, I use that.

But if I were to commute, it would only be to the major subway, which takes me 20 minutes on a 20incher and is probably less than two miles.

After thinking a lot, I think a 24" trials/muni oriented setup would be much better. Hell, I have been riding non stop on my 20" and it has commuted me fine :smiley:

A street tire might be best

But my muni came with a Duro (dirt type) tire. I use it on the street a lot, and it is fine. It maybe wears faster then a street tire. So if you get a muni that comes with a knobby, don’t worry about that. You can run it anywhere, and worry about getting a street tire when it wears out. The knobby would be best in central park.
If you can afford about 425, A E Bike will sell you KH 24 for under their listed price, but you have to email and ask what they will sell it for. They are required on their website to post MSRP. They have the best price. The KH is lighter, and as strong as other unis. Worth it if you can swing the extra cash.

It’s tempting, but I doubt I will go in that direction. 425 is a little steep at the moment, and I can’t even do a stand still hop hahaha.
From what I understand, I should be considering the Nimbus, the Quax, and hmm, anything else?

KH and Koxx look beautiful…i want !

Anything you can do to get me persuaded on the KH or Koxx would be nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is also the Torker DX ($230 on e-bay), but unless you really want brake mounts I’d go w/ the new Nimbus Muni.

The Nimbus is lighter, has an ISIS hub (MUCH more crank length options), and a better seat.

If you really want brakes on the Nimbus and know how to weld, or know someone who can you can put on these.

Interesting. I can get a huge discount on Torkers and Kris Holms, and the Nimbus seems very attractive (moreso than the torker, but what do I know).

What about the quax?

Thanks everyone

I would go with the KH if you can with your discount.

If that is too much, it would be a tie between Nimbus and Qu-Ax.

Okay, thanks very much. If I can’t go with the KH, I will go with the Nimbus.

Any upgrades that I can go for with the Nimbus? I was thinking seat and tire.
Do I actually need to upgrade the tire?