Commuter uni for a 6'2" 235 lb. rider?!

Hello everyone, first post here. I’ve been lurking for quite awhile and I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read.

I’m 38 years old and I’ve recently gotten back into bicycling. I’ve dropped a few pounds, and I want to get back to riding a uni. Its been about 20 years. Eeeesh. Yep 20 years. I used to be a decent rider, doing anything on a unicycle that people do on a bicycle. I never really got into any serious tricks, just enjoyed riding for transportation. I’ve researched a fair bit and I’ve only found one unicycle that specifically states it is for people over 215. Assuming I won’t EVER be jumping off of anything higher than a curb, how limited am I in my choice of uni? I’m sure I’ll probably drop another 15 pounds or so but I’ll still be over 215. Any minimum specs you all would suggest? I’d like to learn to idle and perhaps ride backward, but that is the extent of the tricks I’m interested in. Muni…Oh HELL no. Too big a wuss.

Any input appreciated.


Any 36’er would be really good.

So my weight isn’t much of a concern as long as I buy good quality and I’m not gonna get crazy with jumps and such? I assume large wheel size makes idling and riding backwards more difficult, how much more difficult?


I’ve been riding a 20" Torker LX. I had some problems with the cranks when I got them on backwards, but otherwise, it’s been holding up real well for me, and I weigh about 260-280 or so. I know only lists one unicycle for my weight, but I think they are being overly conservative, especially if you don’t plan to go hopping around on it.

If I was buying one for actual transportation, I’d go with the 36", even though I’ve never used one. Riding a 20" is fun, but a poor way to get anywhere. Even a 36" has effective gearing about 2/3 that of my cruiser bike. I read of people going 15 or 20 mph on them, but they have to be spinning like mad to do it. I know at my normal pedaling cadence, I’d be hitting about 10 mph tops.

In fact, I’m hoping to get a 28" or 29" in the near future, as a compromise between price and speed. I’m thinking that will be good enough to let me make the 10 mile loop around White Rock Lake.

I’m 6’ ~250 lbs, and I’ve been riding the nimbus 29" with the isis hub, just around on my neighborhood streets, with no issues.

Tak and StephenH—Good to hear other big folks are riding unicycles without any real issues. I was just surprised there was only one Uni listed that specifically said it was for over 215.

I’m looking to spend no more than $400 bucks, $300 would be much more comfortable. No offense to anybody, but its alot harder to justify unicycle-type expenses when you have to make the rent. To all those young folks here… enjoy and appreciate the support of your folks while it lasts.


W/ that $ limit you are pretty much down to just the 29" Torker AX or 29" Nimbus ISIS.

I’d get the Nimbus (red / blue). I’d seriously consider upgrading to double hole KH cranks.

The Torker is lighter & costs less, but it may not be strong enough (but upgradable to slightly stronger parts), the seat is like a brick and the post isn’t compatable w/ most other seats.

The limiting factor for me w/ riding backwards on larger wheels is fear - the added height and speed. has a couple of (Edit: Nimbus- see above) 29" unicycles on sale for $300 or so, and also lists a Quax 29" for less than $300.

I’ve noticed even the used 36" models go for good prices- close to or over $300.

I think the torker ax has an ok seat, but different asses will have different opinions LOL.:slight_smile:

I really think you need 2 unis, but then I have 4 and I’m still looking at more.:slight_smile:

Your trouble is you want to ride around-commute (36 is best) , and you also want to idle and ride backwards.

I can idle and ride backwards on my ax 29, and my 2 smaller KH’s, but I’m to scared (even with a helmet that I don’t use on the smaller wheels), to give it a go with the 36.

It is highly advised to learn backwards riding on a 20 with a low seat, you are much more likely to stay off your back ! :astonished:

I don’t see your weight as an issue. I would advise against getting the ISIS hub setup, because you didn’t want to ride muni. The cotterless setup has a wide selection of crank sizes, all a small fraction of the 75 $ cost of a pair of ISIS cranks. The ISIS cranks are stronger then you will need, so you can save some $ down the road if you go cotterless. Almost all 36 riders buy several crank sizes.

I’m not saying you can’t get a 36 and learn to ride it backwards, only that I am sure there is an easier way to learn those skills.

I will suggest buying an ax 20 or 24 here,

This is the lowest price on the net that I know of, and they have an excellent seller rating at Amazon.

That will be a fine, low budget choice. Then buy a 36 next. :slight_smile: