commuter to trials...oh my god!


Ok, so I got a new commuter unicycle a few days ago and have riding it constantly. After I finished riding I thought it would be fun to try and ride my 20 inch trials, but when I went to ride it I couldn’t believe it! I fell off right away and I’ve been riding for three years. I couldn’t believe how different it felt. :astonished: I rode for 30 minutes and it still felt weird. I was in a true state of shock.

Has this ever happened to anyone else because this is the weirdest thing that happened to me with unicycling. I could use some advice to make the transition less crazy.



Yeah, I ran into this (problem?) as well…it feels really weird! I could hardly stay on my skinny-tired 29er either.

It’s natural because you haven’t ridden a big sized tyre machine b4. :smiley:

When i had my modded coker, it had a 40" tyre and i rode it like there was no 2morrow. :smiley:

I used to have a 26’’ now I have a 20’’. It feels so weird riding the 26’’, I can’t believe it.

i have had the same problem when i went from dx (125mm) cranks to profiles (145). my feet kept adjusting to the 125 stance and i would keep falling.
you were used to the feel of the commuter (which as we all know is way different) not the trials

Yeah, its really weird and crazy because the the 20 inch has a 62 inch circumference and the 36 inch has a 112 inch circumference i think. It the biggest transition ive had. Im going to practice switching back between the two. That should help.:smiley:

Enjoy the fun of the transition shock while it lasts. As you get more comfortable on the Coker the transition shock will go away.

Way back when I first got a Coker I had fun riding the Coker around then getting on my freestyle and trying to ride it around. The transition was difficult and amusing. Now the transition shock is no longer there. I can switch back and forth without much issue.

So enjoy it while you can.

I remeber the transition shock well, I got my 36’er when I had broken my 20" I rode my 36’er untill the 20" was fixed which was about a month and I thought it was weird to not be able to ride my 20" but I kept trying because it was felt funny and was really cool to try now it’s no problem just switch back and forth a lot…

I still could ride the 20", but I almost gave up when I was riding for a few meters. The damn thing is so slow

after riding my coker for a while, then going onto the trials i pedal and lean forward to expect a lot of speed. except the speed doesnt come. i pedal and fall straight off the front.

UPD or just natural??

that happened to me yesterday…