I now work 6.6 km’s from my home as a web developer :slight_smile:

I start my daily ride to work tomorrow, I’m some exited about it.

There is no dress code either, I would not want to have to change into a suit after that ride!

I have to work off my new ‘i don’t ride my unicycle enough anymore’ stomache

Just in time to get ready for Winter (which I intend on riding through)

Thats awesome. How are the roads that you will be riding on? Are they wide and slow moving traffic, or narrow and fast moving traffic? Basically, is it going to be dangerous?

Unless you work banker’s hours, you’re going to need some good lights. I have a nice flashy tail light, which I clip to my butt bag (or my butt if necessary). Very easy. But for a headlight you’re going to want something powerful, which may cost a few bucks. It’s well worth it in fitness, let alone savings on gas! I have to get one for myself as we prepare to turn the clocks back…

i have great lights already :slight_smile:

traffic here never gets too nuts, it’ll be nice and managable. there is even an option to take a bike path for a majority of it, but i think i’ll stick to the streets

they are the streets i do my coker street riding on already anyways

That’s cool Brian!
I’ll feel less alone at 7:00am on my 18 kms ride to work everyday. Even with the darkness, I can’t wait for the winter: I prefer way much more snow than a cold fall rain in the morning (but the last one is still better than a car ride:) ).
It sure is a healthier lifestyle, so that way you can drink more beer and still have a decent “stomache”:wink:

My city is rated one of the worst pedestrian/bicycle friendly in Virginia. We have a serious lack of bike paths, and the roads are definitely scary to ride on, even with my bicycle. Another guy that goes to the gym I go to got hit by a car last month. I need to get out of this area, no one has any patience, they speed past you and beep their horn only to be stopped 100 feet ahead as I go by them. Everyone drives hummers and suv’s that take up the entire width of the road and they get pissed at me when Im riding on the side and their boats cant go past me.