Commitment Issues

Haven’t been able to ride my 20" seriously in a long time since I rolled my ankle a while ago, finally back in the game, even if I AM a little rusty :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, a big THANKYOU to my sister, Alicefish for filming!

Edit: Bah, I forgot to log-out - It’s Obtusellama here, not Alicefish, sorry xD

Havn’t seen anything from you in a while. nice to see your back on the saddle. you’ve learned some new tricks(i think from the last vid i remember of you). Looking good! i still can’t coast!

Awesome hick flip and coast will! :slight_smile: consistency in your lines looks good too. Keep up the top work.

Yeah, feels like it’s been AGES since I put up a 20" video. Still can’t try anything big since my ankle is being a poor sport about healing but yeah, made sure to put some newish tricks in this video :slight_smile:

And just keep practicing coasting! lean back and loosen up - once you get it, it feels amazing :sunglasses:

Thanks man! Consistency is something I’m trying to work on some more now :slight_smile:

Really nice! Great coasting!