Comments to these domain names ?

I have registered quite a few domain-names but could not
sell even one of them yet.

Could you tell me what you think of these names and maybe
you have suggestions on how to sell them. For anybody
who thinks he can sell them for me I would be willing to
share my profits 50:50.

Thanks for your comments…

Available domains:

Meaningful names: (The domain of the famous movie ! (.net also American Tips !!!) (.org and .net also) (Expressway spelled in a way seen daily) (.net also)

European Union-related names:

Short, meaningless, brandable names (medicinical, etc…):

Short names with digits (65 meaning retirement-related):

Harry Potter related:

Re: Comments to these domain names ?

namebot wrote:
> Harry Potter related:

Good luck trying to sell any of those. Whoever tried to develop them
would get sued.

Re: Comments to these domain names ?

You do have some trademark issues with some of those names.

For the others . . . when you registered these domains, who did you imagine
would want to buy/use them? Have you promoted them directly to those people
rather than to people who buy/sell domain names?

(And I don’t mean by posting spam in the Harry Potter newsgroup :slight_smile:

It would be a good strategy to consider before registering the domain name
exactly how to make money with it. If you plan to resell it, imagine
yourself trying to convince someone why they should pay more for this name
than one that they could register themselves – You should be able to do
this for each name that you plan to resell.

Hope this helps