Comments on the trail

Nathan Hoover wrote:

> How many times have you been asked something stupid by someone who sees you on
> your uni? Well, last night I rode down to the video store, and passing the
> local bar, heard this great one:
> “HA HA HA [derisively] I like your [short pause] unicorn.”
> I guess that’s proof that too much alcohol is a bad thing.
> —Nathan

As luck would have it I passed a troop of Boy Scouts today who were out for a
mountain bike on the trails around Folsom Lake. Among the comments as I passed
was, “Hey look, a Unicorn!”

Most of the comments I receive while MUniing are positive. Most express some
level of disbelief. Many add some poor attempt at humor, although I guess if you
haven’t ever seen a unicycle ‘Hey, where’s the rest of your bike,’ might seem
clever. Mountain bikers’ comments range from lame attempts at humor to complete
awe. It’s worth mentioning that the lame jokes usually come from riders who look
like newbees at best. The hard core riders are always impressed. My personal
favorite was from a guy who was covered with mud and riding a rather expensive
looking, fully suspended machine, (also completely covered with mud) who
finished his expression disbelief that I was out on a muddy trail on a unicycle
with “… You are a God!”

The other day I was riding on a trail that had a thin layed of dust. There were
no tracks to speak of on the trail and my tire was leaving a rather distinct
impression. A guy came up from behind on a bike and said. “Well, that explains
the single tire track I’ve been following.” I’m surprised he didn’t add
something about how wavey the single tire track was as well. He must have
thought it was following a drunk guy popping a four mile wheelie.

John Hooten

RE: Comments on the trail

>“Hey look, a Unicorn!”

A unicorn is a person on a unicycle telling lame stories or jokes. (like this

>He must have thought it was following a drunk guy popping a four mile wheelie.

Where’s your other wheelie?