Comments on my new set-up - por favor

The only unicycle I’ve ridden in several years has been my trusty Schwinn( except for a Savage that allowed me a brief ride before it taco’d after a not-so-huge curb jump.) The Schwinn has been extremely durable, not that I’m doin suicidal drops or anything, but it has put up with much abuse over the years. I’m now going to use the Schwinn for riding trails, so I needed another uni better suited for street riding.

This morning I ordered the components, listed below, to build my new uni for street riding. If I could get some feedback on these individual parts I’d greatly appreciate it. ie pros/cons, durability, weight, should replace with…etc. I probably should have waited for the feedback b4 making the purchases, but I think I am becoming a unicycle addict - I just couldn’t fight the urge man!

Yuni 24" Frame

Sun Rhynolit 24" wheelset

Viscount Saddle

UNited Post

Euro Cranks 150mm

Odyssey GI Clamp

Odyssey Twisted PC Pedals


The 26" might have provided some flexablitity for a wider range of off road riding in the future.

The BE cranks are… well… low end cranks. There’s not alot to be done about that; they are better than many- but expect them to bend if you weigh more than 100 lb and plan on taking drops over 12", alot of hopping, or pedal grabs.

I like the metal cleates a bit more, but the PC pedals are a good deal liter.

Make yourself a Ho-Made air pillow ASAP.

The BFR is much stronger than the Rhynolite, and is close in price.

What sort of tyre will it have?


He said this uni is for street riding. I imagine that to be riding around town, an occasional hop or drop, maybe a short flight of stairs. Nothing too serious, no pedal grabbing, no huge gaps, correct?
The only suggestion I could make was going to an air Miyata, and possibly some shorter cranks down the road. If you could enlighten us as to what kind of “street” riding you’ll be doing, that’d help as well.

Thanks for the info Rhysling.:smiley:

I would like to put nothing wider than a 1.75" tire on as that is what I’m use to for street riding - easier to do spins and tight turns.
I weigh about 150lbs, but I haven’t ventured into the pedal grab skills yet, although I will do some significant jumps/ hops. I have a spare set of schwinn cranks in case the Be’s do bend. I originally was going to get the Lascos, but read they were weak. I was told BE’s were stronger.
I also have a spare set of metal cleates in case I don’t prefer the plastic ones.

Mas tarde

Coming from a surfing background I try to translate surfing maneuvers to unicycling. I do sandslides, aerial-twists, curb jumps…etc. I haven’t tried pedal grabs yet though. It just seems so abusive to the poor uni. When I do try this skill I’ll be sure to have several sets of cranks around. Seems even the most expensive ones can’t take this abuse. My style right now is a little more laid back - as in I spend half the time laying on my back.:slight_smile:


I should be back on the unicycle here shortly. So whenever you want to shoot down here we can show you what a nice freestyle, nice trials, and nice MUni feel like. :slight_smile: