comments about unicyclists

whilst in the lake district a few days ago, me and two friends were riding around near great gable on the tracks up there, and a passer by made the ridiculous comment

‘well i understand extreme ironing…’

i was shocked that people would see strange things like extreme ironing as more normal than unicycling, especially as there are many more unicyclists around that extreme ironists.

anyone else recieved such odd comments or is it just the usual ‘wheres the other wheel’ type ones?

I’m not sure if that was a stupid comment or quite an original one. It really depends on why and how he said it.

If you were his only audience, he was either being gratuitously offensive (which is unlikely, because most people are cowards when alone) or he was trying, be it ever so clumsily, to show approval of what he perceives to be your extreme zaniness - and, by expressing his approval, he buys into it and hopes for some vicarious credit.

It’s like saying, “Look, I’m not actually doing that right now, but I can see it’s good, and it’s the sort of thing that crazee dudes like me do, even though I’m not actually doing it, but I can be crazee too, in a different way, by making a crazee comment about it, even though I’m not actually doing it, but I bet I could.”

People with little imagination express themselves by bestowing or withholding approval. This manifests in everything from stupid comments about unicyclists - either directed at the unicyclist, or past him to an audience - to obsessively supporting a football team, wearing a rock group merchandising T shirt, or joining a racist political party.

Do you have something against extreme ironing? :slight_smile:

I think that guy’s comment was pretty funny. Being compared to something as obscure as extreme ironing and all. Plus, I remember when I first heard about that “sport,” it was when somebody here mentioned how there was a unicyclist on there, and they posted a link. That was a long time ago.

Or perhaps your commenter was Phil Shaw himself, and he was just trying to get a cheap plug in for his “sport”. :slight_smile:

Has anyone published a list of unicycling comments? No matter where you go across the country you are bound to get the classic “where’s the other wheel” comment. This to me is part of what makes riding uni’s fun. Anyone have any favorite comebacks for this classic comment? I try to make up a different one each time. I’ve said tame things like “it’s on my other unicycle” or “it’s all I could afford”. How about “I think it got sucked my @$$”.

I just went to see the above link about extreme ironing–I had no idea what you guys were talking about because I never heard if extreme ironing before.
I’m still laughing! It’s really funny, actually!
I would take it as a compliment if someone said that to me.
In fact, there is something tempting about extreme ironing now that I have seen the pictures…just kidding.
But seriously, there is something nice and original about that comment when you consider all the nasty and unoriginal things that other non-uni-people sometimes say.

What would be interesting is to try extreme ironing–while riding the unicycle!


I got compared to Sponge Bob Square Pants today which I though was quite original. As you may or may not know Sponge Bob Square Pants rides an underwater unicycle (another reason why he is so cool).
Anyway I was up doing some muni and i rode past a woman and her two kids, as i approached i heard her say “Look, just like sponge bob”

I thought that was quite cool, and a refreshing change from the usual “where’s the other wheel”

I’ve been working at the Greenbelt Festival this weekend ( music and arts and trade justice fest) and using my uni as a site vehicle to go between stages and run erands on. Its been great and I had NO rude comments at all, lots of people said stuff like cool and look a unicycle, one person even spotted it wasn’t a standard uni and commented on the trails wheel as being a special wheel so I could go up the hill ( they were wrong, but hey i don’t mind if they think its good to be able to ride up a smooth tarmac slope on a monty).
I even got invited to a Chelidh by the Flaming Nora band ( one of whom is a unicyclist too) but I couldn’t go as there was a show on my stage at the same time. It was really nice to start the day riding and then be able to relax and de stress with a little uni ride at the end of the night on the way back to my accomadation after the stage closed at 2am.


Ps- Duncan Castlin was the unicycling exetreme ironer.