Comment to make it all worthwhile

In response to all the “half a bike” bad comment posts, I got probably the best comment last weekend while MUni’ing.

This guy was running a mountain bike trail (clearly a serious runner).

he says: “New Sport?”

I says: “Fairly new.”

the end.

Somehow, I just thought this was the coolest comment I’ve gotten.

so complex and full of curiousity but yet, so simple. wow. im amazed.

says it all

I find that runners/joggers often make quite friendly comments, often of the self-mocking ‘I thought I was crazy until I saw you’ kind. I often reply along the lines of, ‘At least I brought somewhere to sit down.’


I’ve had that when I meet joggers up on the hill. I never thought of that reply though; that’s one to remember!

Phil, just me

he says: “New Sport?”
I says: “Fairly new.”

less IS more