Comment I'd never heard before

At the parade this weekend I had the opportunity to hear most of the basics:

“Where’s your other wheel”.

“Look at that little girl” (My youngest daughter is just barely 8, and quite adorable zipping around on her 16")

But out in the woods, busting around the trails, I happened upon a man, 3 kids, and a dog. One kid said “Is that a REAL Unicycle!!!”

I said “Bonafide”.

Add it to the list. (There is an archive isn’t there?)

I’m sure you’ve all heard this, but I almost burst out laughing, “That, that’s… a unicycle!” I sent him to, he says he’s gonna look into buying one.

I was all excite to come home from my ride (just now) and post a new comment post…again…

As I was riding, I heard the ever so familiar tune, you know the one, don’t you?

However, it was coming a group of three teens…and it was being played on a harmonica!

I told him he was a freak :sunglasses:

What tune are you talking about?

The circus tune… doo-doo-doo-dah-dah-doo-doo-doo-dah-dah-doo-doo-doo-dah-doo-doo-doo-dah-doo-doo-doo, etc.

As for comments, I got a pretty positive one today:

“That’s got to be really good for the environment. Good to see!”
(or something along those lines)… I was really pleased to get such a positive comment.


Hey, I play harmonica, and I’m not a freak. Ask anyone who doesn’t know me.

The last unusual comment I got, that I neglected to post here, was from an old lady.

Picture the scene. I’m on a cycle/pedestrian shared track by the river. Little old lady is way ahead of me, in a world of her own, zig zagging randomly along the path in a an apparent attempt to avoid U Boats (the Trent is notorious for them you know).

She has a dog.

If I shout or attract her attention, I just KNOW she will make a huge fuss and call the dog and the dog will ignore her and a fuss will ensue.

And I know NEVER to ride between the owner and the dog, in case its protective instincts cut in.

So ever so carefully, I ride onto the grass and quietly zip past the LOL, who gives a gasp of surprise and shouts defiantly, ‘Get a bell. PLEASE!’

I’ve had ‘Where’s your other wheel/handlebars/cross bar’ but ‘Where;s your BELL?’ What does she think I am, a church?

When I was first learning I got some good comments.

Cool looking teenager: “That’s tight”
Older lady: “That’s cute”
12-13 year old girl: Takes a picture when she thinks I’m not looking.

P.S. Almost 1/4 of the people who viewed this thread posted, this could turn into a big thread, let’s try to set a record. :slight_smile:

Re: Comment I’d never heard before

Memphis Mud wrote:

“Is that a -REAL- Unicycle!!!”

I like that comment, it typifies the ‘awe’ of a child. My son who is 6
yr old had a new comment yesterday while we we’re MUni-ing.

We we’re MUni-ing down a snow covered trail in the woods when we came
across 3 woman who were resting on mountain bikes. One lady say’s to my
son, “Wow good job! That must be hard” and the other casually replies,
“Yea, it’s probably a little difficult on the snow”. I kind of laughed
to myself, knowing that they really had no clue about unicycling (on the
snow). :smiley:


I believe he’s talking about Entry of the Gladiator, by Julius Fucik, a Czech composer for the Austro-Hungarian Army.



This weekend, i had some drunk mexican guy (looking for the subway) call me “god” and “captain” he saluted me, told me how great i was. Asked my unicycling friend how to get to the subaway (we were literally standing at the entrance) and then the guy asked “do you know your four points??” he goes “North, East south, West” then were like “no, THAT is North” (opposite direction) it was quite amusing.

Oh, and later on the ride, i had some black guy with a bandanna and a big puffy down jacket (you know the kind) and the big necklace, tell me that i was a “gangster” and then he gave me props. I was like “okay” it was also funny.


Yeah, I know the music, gotten that too. I usually get the compliments from dog walkers and such, but today while passing across the parking lot of a gym, with loud, lowered gruff voice I hear: “Don’t hit the dirt!” I had already stopped when he said it and when I did a jump mount to get going I could hear a bunch of people say: “Ohhhh!” loudly, as if I had somehow redeemed myself from the insult of riding a circus bike, (in their eyes). Or maybe they thought that it looked painful. Not sure. I live in a red-neck town. Gotta love it. Maybe if I had a hunting rifle across my back and a dead deer (with a least 6 points on each antler) strapped across the front of the unicycle, they wouldn’t have even noticed the unicycle.

I’d been thinking about starting to go to a gym too… I didn’t feel like checking that one out just then.
Too bad. The next closest one would have to be in Salida, about 30 miles away.

I was riding in a parade, when i got a comment from a man ( wouldnt doubt if he was “under the influence”
Try to go backwards you crazy SOB(i abbreviated it, he said the whole thing.

and then 2 kids

1:Wow a unicycle!
2: Unicycles are stupid
1: Unicycles are cool!
2:your stupid
1: Mooooooooooom, he called me stupid!!

Thanks, I had no idea tha’ts what it was called.

Now that I had the title, i found a site that you can listen to it. Now everybody can hear it!


Comments I’ve received:

Little kid: “Look, it’s a one wheeled bicycle!”

Little boy on tricycle to Dad: "I want a one wheelie, I want a one wheelie, I want a one wheelie!

As I rode by a rec. center, a little boy on the inside, saw me, ran to the window, and began beating HARD on the glass, jumping up & down, and screaming like he’d been stuck with a sharp object.

I was riding my giraffe past a park. There were two little girls on swings in the park with their dad pushing them. One of them started laughing hysterically. She couldn’t stop. It was great. I could still hear her when I was a block away.

Before the park encounter, I saw four skate-boarders at a regulated crosswalk. I asked one of them if they would push the button for the signal which is very fast to respond to pedestrians. He kindly went over and pushed the button. The light changed right away. I was asking them if they had ever gone to the skate park in downtown Ballard. “Oh, yeah, sure, we’ve been down there before.” BOOM! I’m down. Right in the middle of the street, cars stopped both directions and four skaters laughing at me. Wish I could have seen it.

on saturday i was riding my unicycle at the peace march in glasgow, amid some 40,000 odd people, at some points there was so many people that i had to get off the unicycle in the interests of safety,
at one of the sardine packed times when you can hardly walk let alone unicycle without bumping into people this kid sees me, pushes his way through the crowd, and says “can i have a go mister?”

some people just aren’t very bright.

There’s a kid at school who says he can ride a unicycle, and I think he might be able to, but only enough to go forwards for a little bit.

Any of the people who I’ve let try to ride my unicycle fall off before they get on. I love that. :smiley:

And, in keeping with the theme of this thread, I will say waht I said a while ago. Some kid (gr.5?) called me a “disgrace to humanity”. I also live in a mostly redneck town.

Sometimes thinking of a witty, intelligent retort is extremely difficult when faced with something so subtle. When the finesse of a rapier-like comment sneaks beneath the radar it can take you unawares, unable to find the words to reply due to the tears of laughter snaking down your face…


you can always try swearing.

Evilewan, that is very good advice. It always makes me feel better. I just LOVE “sinking to their level”. I love you guys.