Coming to UTAH (SLC), Aug 19-20, who can ride?

Flying into SLC on Thursday, Aug 18th, will be busy moving the daughter into the dorms most of the day, but Fri and Sat I am clear to ride.

I’ll have my gear and a muni, might bring the 26guni if I can get it to work :wink:

I already PM’d Bert and Tom, anyone else going to be around?

Even if you can’t make it for a ride, we can always meet for a post ride dinner or a pre-ride coffee :slight_smile:

More riders needed in UTAH!


I’ll get after a couple guys that I ride with fairly regularly. They don’t have a lot of free time, and aren’t on the forums much, but they should be able to join us for an early morning, pre-work, ride on Friday, and possibly a Saturday ride as well.

I’ll also get after Anthony in Park City for some trail recommendations up his way, and maybe an impromptu “PC” gathering (20 min. East on I-80). Anthony & family (wife, son & daughter) all ride MUni, and joined us for a fun trail ride above the “U” earlier this year. Being at a higher elevation, PC is a good deal cooler this time of year.

Beyond that cast of characters are some younger riders that mostly do the street/trials thing around town. (I have yet to meet them, but Tom has ridden with them a fair bit.) And beyond the street/trials set is a whole bunch of folks who apparently just don’t want to experience the joy of riding with others, or are intimidated by old farts like me.

Bottom line: We need more uni/MUni riders in UTAH! (Or at least more to come out of the woodwork.)

At any rate, I’m looking forward to showing you some local trails and mustering up some company…



P.S. One option I’d like to possibly try out (if you and/or others are up for it) is “lift-assisted” MUni. One of the local ski areas (Solitude Mtn. Resort) charges $7 per ride, or $24 for the day.

I’m in. Lift assisted or not.

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bump… Calling all Utah Unicyclists!

I’m bumping this thread up to see if we can’t scare up a few more Utah riders to come ride with Nurse Ben, Tom & me on Friday the 19th & Saturday the 20th of August.

I’m taking Friday off from work, but have an afternoon obligation up in Heber. Might take Ben to ride Park City trails Friday morning, and am thinking of taking him up to the Wasatch Crest Trail from Guardsman’s pass on Saturday morning. Alternatively, we could do Dog Lake from Millcreek Canyon, but I think an out-and-back on the Crest would be stunning. (I’ve been meaning to get myself up there for a while.) Of course the altitude will kick Ben in the butt … but hey, he wanted a workout!

Seriously, if you’d like to join us, either respond to this thread, or send me a PM. (Tom, I’ve got your cell number and will call sometime next week to get your thoughts & availability.)

Looking forward to giving Ben a taste of the Wasatch’s best muni rides!



Pipeline Friday & Wasatch Crest Saturday?

I wanted to throw out some suggestions for specific rides next weekend:

I’m thinkin’ we should show Nurse Ben the Pipeline Trail – from Elbow Fork to the bottom of Rattlesnake Gulch on Friday morning, with a possible out-and-back to the overlook. I’m otherwise occupied Friday afternoon, but might be able to hit Round Valley or something on the Park City side.

Saturday I think we should show him the Wasatch Crest Trail from Guardsman’s Pass (BCC) to the Big Water parking area (top of Millcreek). This is a moderately BIG ride, but I did a 10-mile out-and-back reconnaissance ride from Guardsman’s and I convinced it would be the epitome of awesomness. (Also, it’s an even day, so wheeled vehicles of all sorts are allowed on the Great Western & Big Water trails.)

I’m still not sure how many riders we might have in our group – maybe only me, Ben & Tom – but if there are others that would like to join us, please let me know so we can start planning shuttles. Thanks.

All for now…


Man, I wish I could go. I live about 40-50miles away from SLC, but I won’t be able to make it. :stuck_out_tongue:

plans (continued)

Made a few clarifications & corrections above.

Still hoping another rider or two might join us.

HYDR8, wish you COULD join us. One of these days I’ll have to do a road trip to Cache Valley. (I rode my 36er up there last Fall to cheer on my GF who was running the Top of Utah marathon.) It would be nice to hit some trails with you.

The wife and daughter and already on the road, scheduled to be in SLC a few days before me so they can get her moved in; she’s helping with oreintation, such a good girl :wink:

I’ll be packing up Weds, flyng out Thursday am, free to ride Friday and Saturday, might bring the 26guni though I worry that the gorilla baggae handlers will do it damage. Last time I flew into SLC my dynafits ski bindings were broken, and the skis were packed in a plastic ski tube, so how they did that is anyones’s guess.

Can’t wait to ride in dry weather, it has been so dang humid out here, though temps are finally starting to drop, which helps.

Here’s my cell number:

eight six five - four eight three - eight seven three five


I probably can’t ride on Friday, but I’m in for Saturday.

I’m in for one or both!

Sorry I missed this thread until now! I haven’t been checking the RSU forum much lately.

Bert, what time are you looking to start on Friday morning? And how about Saturday?

The Saturday route - does it start up there on the Guardsman’s Pass road where the Great Western Trail hooks up with it on the switchback? Then across past Desolation Lake, Dog Lake, and into Mill Creek? I would guess that is at least 10 miles, maybe more…and some pretty intense ups and downs! Or is there another way around that is more level??

I don’t know if I am up for that level of ride. But you have pushed me before and I made it OK :smiley:

I will try to give you a call tomorrow evening (Tuesday).


It make more sense to do a mellow ride one day and a harder ride one day, I’m in good shape, but there’s only so much juice in my legs and lungs :wink:

A nice shuttled long downhill would be fun, anything like that available? I think my wife would do the shuttling.

I will probably bring the 29er, but I have long cranks, so climbing is not a problem.

The Wasatch Crest ride to Millcreek canyon that UPD in Utah is suggesting is a long mostly downhill ride. Exactly what you’re looking for, I think.

Never fear! There is Method to my Madness…


Not to worry. Both rides will essentially be shuttled downhills, and much of Friday’s will be almost flat (except for the downhill bits). It would be great if your wife can help with the shuttling, but we can chat about the details when I call you.

Friday’s ride can be adjusted from 3 to 9 miles, with 7 being what I thought would be most fun, and 9 including a flat 1 mile out-and-back to a place overlooking the Salt Lake Valley. (See pics at the end of this entry: Pictures of your latest ride) There are a few short technical sections and those can easily be walked. There are, however, some patches of loose gravely rock that keep you focused.

Saturday’s ride will be 13 miles on a wonderful, rolling trail that follows the ridge between Salt Lake City & Park City. Most of that trail is smooth dirt with mellow grades – mostly down. There is only one big half-mile climb (up a gravel road to “Puke Hill”) that is about 1.3 miles from the start. I know I’ll be walking that because I can’t ride it (UP!). My 10-mile (out-and-back) reconnaissance ride last Sunday convinced me it will be an ideal place for us to ride – but it will take roughly 4 hours to complete. Hence, for Saturday, plan on bringing a Camelback w/ 1.5 to 2.0 L H2O, some food (Cliff Bar, etc.), a jacket, shell or windshirt, sunscreen, and maybe a small bottle of sports drink or some e-tabs … and, of course, a camera!

(Note to Brian: We will stay on the Great Western Trail into Millcreek Canyon, rather than descending to Desolation Lake only to have to reascend to Dog Lake. It should be a gradual down on pretty good trail. There are a few rocky bits, but I’ll be we walk less than 1.5 miles of the total 13.)

All for now…


Hey Bert, I looked at the Western Divide trail on line, looks like fun, relaly excited to get out of the humidity, though it looks like I’m bringing the heat; today in SLC it’s 85, the rest of the week it’s supposed to be mid 90’s :astonished:

I’m off to ride the 29er, hadn’t been on it since I got the 26guni, gonna see how she does, may end up bringing the guni…one more day of work, yeah!

Trail details and simple map

Here is a link to a MTB site with details on the Wasatch Crest trail. Near the bottom of the page is a simple map of the trail for those of us here in Utah that are familiar with the area. At first I thought we had to go down into the basin of Desolation Lake, then back up the brutal climb to Dog Lake, but it is clear that the main (Great Western, I think) trail goes along the crest. Yeah :slight_smile:

This site has some great photo’s:

And this is another simple map:

This will be a big ride for me, and my only concern is that I will be the boat anchor slowing y’all down. But I am up for it and will do my best to keep up with your pace. As long as you are willing to wait for me once in a while :smiley:

I have ridden with Bert several times, and exchanged messages on a few threads with both Ben and Tom. Really looking forward to riding with you!


Dude, if I was ina hurry I’d ride a bike :wink:

No worries, this is all for fun riding, taking in nature, so thoug I like to ride hard, I also like to take breaks to drink and recover.

I rode the 29er last night, had so much fun, it’s so much lighter and quicker than the 26guni. So it’ll be the muni I bring to Utah, only change is going down in crank length to 160’s (from 165’s). I guess the nice spinning on my guni (150’s) has me spoiled, now hopefully I’ll still climb okay :astonished:

24 hour count down…

plans, etc.

Ditto on taking time to enjoy the scenery, wildflowers, cool breezes, clean air, etc.! Brian, I know you’ll be able to keep up just fine. Please do join us.

Ben, I was planning on riding my 29er with 165mms and probably the Ardent 2.4, so we should be well matched. Brian’s got an N26 and I’m not sure what wheel Tom will bring. Spare tubes for all would be advisable – just in case.

The air in the valley is pretty yucky today due to wildfires out West, but we’ll be above that on both rides (esp. Saturday). And while afternoon / evening temperatures in the valley are hitting the 90s, mornings are nice and cool (low 60s), and the ridge-tops stay cool & breezy all day. Indeed, highs at 9,000’ are predicted to be about 70 on Saturday. One slight concern is afternoon T-storms, so it would be best for us to get an early start both days – but especially Saturday, because we will be exposed for quite a long time. I’m thinking that a 7 a.m. start would be appropriate for both days.

When is a good time for me to call you?


We should talk on Thursday once I’m in SLC. I have dinner planned with the family that night, then Friday I’m clear to ride. My wife will shuttle us, just need to pick a time and place to meet. We’re driving my daughters RAV4, so plenty of room for people and gear.

Nice ride guys - that was fun. Bert - thanks for organizing. I’m using the railing a lot to get up and down the stairs right now. Legs are hammered.

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Now if you had a brake…

Fun riding with you guys, awesome day, awesome trail, I’ll be sad to leave.

I’ll get some pics up when I get home.