Coming to NYC

I’m coming to NYC with family for Pres weekend. I looked up the NYC unicycle club, and though I can’t do the Sat meet, it looks like on Mon 2/18 they are going to Just One Wheel:

Will anybody be there too? Has anybody gone there before? It looks interesting.

Why not just contact Adam and ask him?

It is NOT in NYC, however. It’s on nearby Long Island.

Thx Billy!

Yes, there will be a nice group of riders attending from both, the NY club as well as my local riders from Long Island.

I gaurantee an amazing day. The NY club came last year, we had a nice group. This year we will have even more. We also have slacklines, pogo sticks and other fun things to balance on.

It will be the best part of your trip.

Feel free to contact us with any other questions you have.



Your uni training device deserves broader attention.

Should it have its own thread here, or added here as a training video?

People may want to know: Is your place accessible by LIRR train or bus?


I’ll be there with friends

Hey Billy, I’ll be there with some new riders and some experienced riders as well. My cell is 631 377 6177. Adams a cool guy. Ive chatted with him before. see you there.

What time Monday at Just one wheel?

Hey Billy,
What time Monday at Just one wheel, we are bringing our little UNI Troop. 631 377 6177

Join us today MONDAY, February 18th , 2013 from Noon - 5 and meet some members of:

on their 2nd Annual visit to Just One Wheel

I hope many of you will come on out and do some indoor riding and practicing. For you novice riders this is great opportunity to gain confidence in your riding on a nice cushioned floor.

I hope that many of you will attend. We had a blast at the old facility last year. It is not often that we get to hangout and ride

with other riders from other places.

Check out the NY Clubs web site ( even more info and pics from last years visit as well as many other very interesting pictures and info.

Here is a slideshow of a few photos from last year’s visit: