Coming to Colorado June 7th-17th, anyone wanna ride?

Hauling our lil’ trailer, loaded down with bikes, unis, skis, and snowboards :slight_smile:

We’ll be in Boulder on the 7th, heading to Loveland Pass to do some sliding, then meander our way to Indy Pass for a week of sliding and riding.

It’d be cool to hook up with some front rangers and do a muni ride.


It’s all guys this year :eek, but here’s a pic from last summer:

Bump, where are all those front ranger muni folks?

Missed me by a few months, in a different country now :astonished:

Hit up osmundo from the boards.


I was going to hit you up for riding, but ain’t no way I’m driving to Australia :wink:

Hey Ben,
I’d love to hook up and ride. Maybe ski too!
Let’s make it happen.

i like the camper no tent? and how ya going to mount the MUnis up?

So, all you front rangers, do you have a best day for a group ride? Where do you all like to ride?

We’re planning to be in Boulder on Tuesday morning, June 7th to eat at Lucilles (yum, yum), then either head for a ride or head to Loveland Pass to slide.

We’ll be in and around Indy Pass the weekend of 11-12, but if the pass stays closed, then we’ll bop around Salida and Monarch Pass.

Where’s a good place to meet and ride if the high country is snowed in?

Probably a bit too early, but Monarch Crest Trail is a very epic ride (I’m sure there will be too much snow in June; more of a late summer ride). Unicycled it a few years ago and am planning on heading back for the longer route this summer when I’m out there in late July (hopefully it will be open!). If not there are plenty of nice riding around the Lake City area (where I’m more familiar with the trails/4x4 roads).