COMING SOON: UPD Delivery Man Shirts!!!

While talking to DubMuni(Aaron) at Moab, we sparked the idea of turning the UPS logo into UPD. After giving it some thought, working with photoshop, and calling around to all the local screen printers, I’ve come up the the first design, of many to a new T-shirt I’ll be making.

Here’s the logo:

And Here’s another logo:

Youll be able to put the big logo on the front or back and the chest or sleeve, have the smaller logo on the chest or sleeve(possibly big too), and mix and match to fit your preferences. However, some designs may effect price(only a dollar or two)
I have a link in my sigline to the shirt gallery.

I’m working on making the images clean for screen printing and making sure all the kinks are worked out. I should be making a demo shirt in a few weeks. Like SO:


Just as a note, those are just rough layouts of the shirt design, the spacing, proportions and such will be different, but thats basically what the shirt will look like.

I’ve been kicking my butt calling all over town, and scanning the internet for a mix of the best price, and cleanest printing. The shirts shoul come out beautiful and will be somewhere around the 15-20 dollar range maximum.

Any questions, comments, ideas, and such are welcome, but I won’t be taking orders for a few weeks.


I think that the Upd logo should go as a crest in the front; it looks a little awkward so big on the back. I’m defiantly getting one, the logos look awesome.

Great. Just great.

Love the designs and the concept.

UPS isn’t as widespread in the UK (well, we don’t see them in my village…) but am I wrong in thinking the delivery guys wear short sleeved shirts, not t shirts? How about some shirts so they almost look like the real thing?

And my vote is to not explain UPD under the stick man.

Look forward to ordering mine to go with my Hell On Wheel one :sunglasses:

Re: COMING SOON: UPD Delivery Man Shirts!!!

No comments here. Just let us know when you’ll be taking orders.

haha, nice looking designs :slight_smile:

kind of in the same veign, I cooked up this shirt design during my first week or two of attempting to unicycle [can you tell i was disappointed with how slow i was learning?]

just throwing it out there. again, cool shirts, I will probably order one when they’re ready

UPS men do wear collared brown button-up shirts, yes. However, printing on thoes would cost a little more, but if I get enough demand for them, I’ll consider having some made.

Also, when you place an order, you can have the lettering under the man left out.


You will be able to have the crest on the front, or the back, depending on preference. All shirts will be made to preference.


I kind of agree about switching the Logo to the front and either smaller or Superman crest size, and the UpDer on the back and large. I’ll buy several however you lay it out. Very nice.

Great shirts!

Catboy, those shirts are TOO FUNNY!

I’m posting the link to my club. We have over 200 members; expect some orders!

David Stone
Originator of the Term
(and happy to share it!)

I’d be interested in both the button up shirt and the T.

Kohpee, I like your design too; how about the same graphic with the words “another day at the office” or something deadpan like that?

I want two. Please, they are very nice. :sunglasses:

AWESOME I’d pay $50 for a button up brown shirt. I think a button up would be crazy awesome.


Oh, hang on, ebay’s open in a different window…


excellent shirt design- I’d definitely order one or two with the logo on the front and falling uni’er on the back. Fabulous.

I like it, although would second the comment about the logo being too big on the back. I also think depending on the technique used, that much ink might create a real “hot spot”.

I’d say swap 'em…put the logo small on the front breast, and the wipe-out big on the back.

That’s awesome!

My advice to you. Have lots available in time for Cal Muni Weekend.

I agree with Podzol on design. And yes, UPD needs to be spelled out on the back, or the shirt is only funny to a couple of hundred people (at most) in the world.

A brown button-down shirt would be funny, but I don’t think I’d want to wear it for riding. :slight_smile:

I think I still have the winter coat from my short stint as a UPS driver. Hey Catboy, would you like to trade a couple of larges for that? :smiley:

tahts funny

I’d buy one! But a few weeks!! Why would it take that long? I can’t wait! I’m impatient!! :smiley:

I hope that delivery will be via UPS.

(But I do hope you eventually bring back that excellent cat avatar some time in that future, because thatwas pretty excellent too.)
Well done! You rock!